Unexpected Muchness on this Thursday afternoon…

Why was this day different than all other days? (shout out to The Mah Nishtana singing Jewish people in the house… Oh-and this post has zero to do with the fact that Passover starts tomorrow.)
Anyhow, this day was different because I took a moment to peel myself away from my desk and grab lunch. I ran to the pizza store across the street from my office. It was packed and some tall dude was blocking the counter and before I could let myself get annoyed that he was in my way, I arched my neck to glance at his face and to my surprise, I saw that it was my little brother. He’s friggin tall. But then, I was wearing flats so everyone seems tall.
We grabbed our lunch and found a bench in the middle of Broadway and sat to eat lunch together. I, of course, talked about The Muchness and all the things I want to do with it- how I want to partner with charities to sell more Muchness Bands to raise more money so i can bring something positive to the world and help people tap into their creativity to find their confidence and individuality and on and on… And we sat there talking. Me, an artist in neon floral tights sitting criss-cross applesauce with a million ideas and inspirations bouncing through my head, listening to him, with his good posture, in his suit and tie, with a million numbers and facts neatly organized in his, and I thought “this is pretty cool that he’s my little brother and he’s pretty darned smart and adulty.” Then I said that out loud and he reminded me he’s 30 years old. And suddenly I felt too old to be wearing neon floral tights.
But then, this lovely young lady rolled by:

And I remembered no one really cares about my tights when random folks like this are rolling around midtown manhattan.
….I think I need some fairy wings.
Ya think?

Love & Muchness, Tova

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