Much or too much?


I’m thinking I seriously want these. Thoughts? (look- they’re gold! That practically makes them a neutral! I can wear them with practically anything!! I’m thinking they might be among the most practical pieces I will buy this summer. The arch is only 3.75″ which is totally commutable for me. My other Jeffery Campbell Much or Too Much shoes were the same and they were shockingly comfortable. Seriously. Help me justify this before they’re sold out…)

Forget Platform in Shoes at Nasty Gal.

Love & Muchness, Tova

3 Replies to “Much or too much?”

  1. Tine

    You would totally rock these shoes…BUY THEM!!!! I have to live vicariously through your shoes and these would make me smile. And besides, you’re totally right….they’re SO neutral 🙂

    • Tova Post author

      Wait, Not Neutral?? hahahaha. I’m so buying them. I just needed ONE person to give me the go-ahead! I’ll never have to hem another pair of pants ever again!!! (another lie. I never hem pants. I just let ’em drag until they’re ripped and gross and then I call it “a look”…)


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