Muchness cookie bake-off

I volunteered to bring cookies to Molly’s school Thanksgiving meal. When I signed up I had visions of hand decorated, hand baked cookies with icing and candy corn designed to muchy perfection…

Ya know what? That’s a lie.

I had visions of the stuff you buy pre-decorated in the refrigerator section of the supermarket that is sitting next to the yogurt.

And that’s what I bought. Because its fun for the kids and takes about as much time as their attention span will allow.

But, in the spirit of Muchness I bought two different brands so I could do a side by side review!

Pillsbury Thanksgiving Shape Sugar cookies
Nestlé Thanksgiving Friends Sugar Cookies

Fun Factor:
Pillsbury Thanksgiving Shape Sugar Cookies
-Easy little pellets pop out of the bag and onto the cookie sheet. Not much to do.
-Maybe too easy? Very little fun factor.
-All the designs are the same. A lame-o brown and orange turkey in a fedora.

-They say they are Shaped cookies but the only shape they are is round. Boo.
-They took longer to cook than indicated in the package so I had to sit there like a watchdog. Annoying.

Nestlé Thanksgiving Friends Sugar Cookies
-Nestlé cookies are die cut into a square sheet. You have to pop them out. You Then have leftover raw dough you can roll out and make into more cookies or feed to your little sister when moms not looking.
-assorted designs including “I’m thankful for…” which received the reply “my sister.”… #MuchnessMoment for mom.

-cooked as described on the package

– none really. I mean, they’re not the most incredibly incredible cookie on earth, but they deliver on their promises.

They both pretty much tasted like sugary crap. I should know. I ate at least 3 of each. Personally, I liked the Nestlé better but neither will be winning any awards on The Cooking Channel.

The Overall Winner? Nestlé.


Why? They were much muchier.

That’s it!
I know this post is likely to fascinate you with its insight and sophistication. Or maybe not.
I’m sharing it with you ‘cuz it was fun to think about ways to create a muchness moment of an obligation. I coulda gone bonkers and hand decorated a bunch if hand made cookies but that would have just stressed me out and been no fun at all. Alternatively, I coulda just offered to bring the plastic utensils, but really, what fun would that have been?
What’s something you maybe have to do that you could get creative and make into a Moment of Muchness, without making yourself crazy? Share your thoughts and inspire others in the comments below!
Xox, Tova

Love & Muchness, Tova

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  1. Jen R

    I came to this realization about christmas shopping. Last year, I had this great idea to make all my own christmas gifts. But, the thought of shopping for everything, finding the time to make the gifts when I am so busy with Luca, Rocco, and a ftjob was so stressful! I decided this year to pick some time when LUca takes a nap to put my feet up, drink tea and shop online. Today I did just that and I already picked a bunch of things out and I have been finding ways to make them meaningful (like with my mom and dad I am looking for sentimental grandparent gifts and for co-workers and friends looking for gifts that are inspiring. It’s fun to make things muchy! But, I think you have to do what is truly you and makes you happy (not causes you stress haha).


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