World Prematurity Day

In honor of World Prematurity Day, the Empire State building is Purple. I feel a special fondness for this… when I lived in Manhattan in college I lived basically across the street from the Empire State building. One night I came home, pretty drunk, at about 3AM (ahhh, college days) and my neighbor invited me into his apartment. He had a backyard off his ground floor apartment on 32nd street and from his yard you could look straight up and see the Empire State building. They must have been testing something on the lighting because they were flipping through the colors at a mile a minute, one after another after another- you honestly have no idea how many colors and combinations and shades of colors that building can change to. I don’t know what my neighbor was high on… life + an illegal substance, I’m sure, but the two of us, like fools, with our necks craned back, staring at this amazingly muchtastic light show in the sky, and saying profound stuff like “whoa. that’s cool.”
…knowing that they chose to make it purple for World Prematurity Day, whoa. That’s cool.


Love & Muchness, Tova

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