Amazing gift for a babyloss Mom, from a babyloss mom

mentioned yesterday that I participated in a holiday gift swap with other TTTS moms. I opened my gift this morning and my heart stopped. This might be the most thoughtful gift I’ve received. Ever. I have grown close with a number of TTTS loss moms, but the woman I was paired with, I don’t know her very well…. but I feel like she knows me through and through. I cried like a baby as I turned the pages of this scrapbook, thinking how I would fill the extra pages with all the stuff that’s been shoved into my memory box and thrown in the closet. I felt myself handling the book like it was as precious as a first edition Shakespeare.

Here are just some of the Pages she created… leaving many with glittery scrapbook paper for me to fill with the girls stuff.


First Page: (There’s glitter on those flowers… this book could not be more “me” if I’d sat and made it myself)

Their Birthdate. This makes me cry.

Words to live by:

The best quotes. Every one of them. I need to put them in Muchness Bands.

Cry. Cry. Cry. I love it.

How Muchy is this?

…and this – this feels like a promise I have made to myself to fulfill from a very early age. I want to frame this page and hang it above my computer. Then make a copy and hang it above the craft area where I make Muchness Bands at 2am. I  want to tattoo it on my forehead so I never forget it. (But I won’t. Don’t worry.)

I will post more pics after I fill it with Sunshine And Daisy’s stuff.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

xox, Tova

Love & Muchness, Tova

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