Inspiration, Journal Exercises & Meaningful DIYs, all packed into a beautiful book designed to help you Find Your Muchness!

Everyone Has Muchness. Let’s find yours.


                                               In the Movie Alice In Wonderland, the Mad Hatter says to Alice “You used to be much muchier, you’ve lost your Muchness” and Alice embarks on a journey to find her Muchness.

Much like Alice, I too had lost my Muchness and I went on a journey to find mine. Now, I’ve created this book to help you find your inner Muchness!

When I first heard the word Muchness, I could completely relate to it. Years of living below my potential, sidelining my dreams, allowing others to define my level of self-confidence had left me feeling like an empty shell of the woman I was meant to be. But with a young family, a demanding full-time job, never enough time in the day or money in the bank, I just felt trapped in the cycle that I’d created for myself. Then, in September, 2009, I hit my lowest low following the death of my identical twin girls who were stillborn at 24 weeks. Whatever Muchness had been holding on inside me seemed to die with them. It was within the darkness of my grief that I began to look for the light. Grabbing onto the little moments of joy, creativity and sparkle helped me light the way back to myself; to who I was always supposed to be. I made the decision to Find My Muchness.

Early on in this journey I had the idea for a Muchness Workbook. It came together beautifully in my mind when I lay in bed at night but when I sat down to write and create it, it never seemed to materialize. My creative thoughts just seemed to crumble to ashes in the light of day. After years of collecting the ideas in a notebook, one day, it finally hit me! I HATE WORKBOOKS! Just the idea of sitting down and giving yourself EXTRA work to do felt so much like a burden to me- it’s no wonder I couldn’t find the inspiration to create it! I wanted my book to be FUN! I wanted it to be relaxing, empowering and joyful! A place to go to give your spirits a lift, to make you laugh or help you engage a different side of your brain and feel accomplished.

So that is what I created. A Finding Your Muchness FUNBOOK! Like, Duh.

After successfully funding the first edition print via Kickstarter, and surpassing our goal a whopping 237%!!!!, I’m so proud to offer you the book directly! 



What’s inside?

This full-color, gloss finished book with a magazine style layout is filled with creative exercises, DIY craftables, games, inspirational stories and engaging contributor insight.

It is totally unique and beautifully designed to help you look inside and see the beauty and Muchness that lives inside you, while also looking outside and seeing the beauty and little Muchness Moments that surround you every day!

You’re gonna need some scissors and glue, + a couple of crayons because this is a book you will rip apart, cut to pieces, journal in, doodle in, and make yourself some very useful little gifts. It is an incredible gift for yourself or anyone of any age who could use a little Muchness in their lives. (And really, who COULDNT use a little Muchness in their lives?!?! 🙂 )

It’s even got a board game. For real.

Contributors Corner!

I have reached out to some amazing women I know who are not only “In Touch With THE MUCH” but also professional coaches, teachers or therapists. They’ve all shared a bit of what they know and created beautiful exercises to help you tap into your Muchness!

Who is it for?

The book isn’t just designed for people who’ve had monumental losses. It’s for anyone who’s lost their Muchness, or for anyone who simply wants to celebrate the Muchness they’ve got! It’s good for your daughter or your mom, your BFF, your kids teacher, or your teachers kid! 😉

And because I truly do value and appreciate all the support, Every single order will get a reminder to CHOOSE MUCHNESS Every Singe Day- a Today I Choose Postcard to leave on your fridge or wall or computer screen to remind you to CHOOSE MUCHNESS!
PS- It’s gonna have a handwritten “Thank You” from me on the back. That’s just the way I roll. 🙂



A personal note from Tova

I’m so filled with gratitude to everyone who has supported me on my Muchness Journey- whether through encouraging emails, sparkly picture tags or by purchasing any of the Muchness products I’ve created. Your support means the world to me. I know this book is going to brighten your day and help you tap into your Muchness.

xox, Tova

Because everybody has Muchness.


Let’s find yours.