4 Replies to “Crazy Hat day at the office!! Vote for your favorite!!”

  1. Dennel Post author

    I vote cow. And I’m jealous I can’t have crazy hat day at the office. I don’t even get an office. But that cow hat is so very awesome.

    • Tova Post author

      I’ll send it to you Dennel. 🙂 We got a sample from our manufacturer in china.
      We don’t really have a Crazy Hat Day at my office. I sent an email to everyone announcing we would but no-one ended up wearing one. It’s hard to think clearly in a crazy hat.

  2. Goddess Post author

    Yay! Just saw this. That would rock. I would totally go out in that hat. Thanks!
    PS. my friend is serious about a New York trip next may. So I may actually get to meet you! Super stoked!
    Ps this site is gonna make me good at math!

    • Tova Post author

      I totally find myself counting on my fingers all the time. 🙂
      Just sign in once and NEVER log out!!!
      Did you grab the “muchness Moments” button from the “Tools” menu?? I LOVE LOVE it- it makes posting SO STINKIN EASY!!!!
      Come to NY. Seriously. Holy cow. I think the most surprising thing we’ll learn about each other is that you’re really tall and I probably reach your elbows. 🙂
      Except when I read that you’re manipulative, over emotional, dramatic and a grudge holder. I was like WHAAAA?? 🙂


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