How to Really Love your Child- My 2 cents.

A friend recently shared this graphic on Facebook- its by SARKΒ from Planet Sark.


It even comes as a blanket.

Can I just say, I do all this … and what I’m coming to learn about my six year old is that there are things missing from this list that are just as important.

My kid yearns for organized discipline. Though she reacts like a crazy person, deep down, without even knowing it, she wants me to punish her when she mouths off or doesn’t do what is expected of her.Β 

She needs me to stand over her like a drill sargent while I force her to clean her room and brush her teeth. Those things make her feel protected.

It is easy for me to do the things on that list above, and much harder to for me to do the things on the list I just wrote, because frankly, I’d rather just go to the movies in our PJs.

And while I think that there are way way way too many parents that need Sarks reminder, I think there are also a lot of kids like my daughter who need parents who know how to put their foot down and discipline in a regimented way that just is no fun at all in the moment, and doesn’t leave room for saying yes as often as possible.


Love & Muchness, Tova

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