I Heart U Downloads!

hearts Wanna do something super sweet for yourself today? Download these 24 Valentine’s Day Hearts and start slipping them into your partner’s life over the next few weeks!

Why is that super sweet for YOU??

Here’s why.

When you start taking the time to remember what you love about your man, and taking the time to let him know, it’s starts a cycle of awesomeness between you two that can lead to more open communication, more appreciation and if handled properly, even more sex!

 All for just $5! 

Think about all the money you’ll save on therapy, and all the time you would have spent wading through awkward conversation!

The only investment is $5 + the time it takes to cut out and fill in these hearts.

And that’s actually a BONUS! 

Why is that a bonus?

Here’s why.

It takes at least 30 or 40 seconds per heart to do a decent job of cutting them out. Ya know what that means? It means that for about 3.5 minutes today you will be forced to keep your hands off of your phone, your eyes off of your computer screen and just focus on the task in front of you. As you cut out the hearts, think of answers to the prompts. It’ll force your brain to run through meaningful memories and sexy times you’ve had with your partner. When those feelings are expressed on the hearts that you hide in his sock drawer or his shaving kit, they will resonate with him and get him thinking about how awesome YOU are!

INSTANT ACCESS AFTER PURCHASE! Just Click RETURN TO FINDING MY MUCHNESS on the paypal page and you’ll be directed to your downloads.

Need more proof? Heres what some people have said about their Muchness Hearts:

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How can you deny your relationship this Muchy fun?

INSTANT ACCESS AFTER PURCHASE! Just Click RETURN TO FINDING MY MUCHNESS on the paypal page and you’ll be directed to your downloads.

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