Capturing a moment of Muchness seems to do a lot more to heal the spirit than I ever knew possible. Even more, sharing it with others just creates an air of Muchness around you, affecting everything and everyone you encounter throughout the day. In the spirit of that, I have decided to create  MONDAY’S MUCHNESS MOMENT, this upcoming monday, on the Finding My Muchness Facebook Page.

Just go, ‘Like’ the page, and from 12am to 12pm, on Monday, June 6th, do your small part to SHARE THE MUCHNESS!!! Upload a pic, or pics, that make you feel your muchiest. They can be something your wearing, something your kid did, something in your garden…. WHATEVER speaks to your heart and makes you smile.

The person who posts the 100th picture is also gonna get a muchy Thank You gift from me. Because I really want My FB page, come Monday, to be a MECCA FOR MUCHNESS!!!

Thanks for your help!!!!!

xox, Tova


Love & Muchness, Tova


  1. Shannon Klipstein

    I think this is an awesome idea. I invited a lot of people on my friendslist. I think this will help you expand out further than just TTTS greivers. Plus you can only do a couple 30 day challengers at a time so this will allow everyone a chance to do this. Great idea!


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