Much to-do about Muchness

I make to-do lists.

But I lose them.

or I never start the things on them.

or I never finish the things on them.

I decided to hold myself accountable for the long term as well as the short term goals on this page. Maybe sharing my to-do list with the world will help me keep divide & conquor.

  • Unstarted
  • In progress / ongoing
  • Completed 
1. Create How-to video for wrapping Muchness bands around your wrist
2. Do pics on the street of chics in Muchness Bands
3. Make soft pink and soft blue silk and sequins for Baby Memorial Muchness bands
4. Make Pink Muchness bands for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
5. Create Press Release for new Muchness Bands
6. Set up auto email inspiration for Muchness Challenge takers
7. Make press kit to send to Ellen
8. Select specific quotes for specific color Muchness bands and make them easy to buy pre-quoted
9. Create the Muchness Glossary with all the Muchy Muchness words and their unofficially official definitions
10. Blog more
11. Write the book
12. Create the DIY 30 Day Muchness Challenge Scrapbook
13. Frame my Press and pick up extra copies from everyone that saved it for me.
 1. Make Liat’s Glitter wall decor
2. Make Muchness Wall Art
3. Get Family Photo framed and hung
4. Photograph & Blog BTM vs. ATM wall shelf
Finish To-Do List!!!!!

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