Muchness Chat with Joni Lowe!

I recently had a great opportunity to meet a really inspiring woman named Joni Lowe. Joni teaches dance and body movement classes and what I LOVE about her approach to teaching is that her whole purpose is to help women connect with their bodies, appreciate the vessel that they were given to travel this planet, and learn to love it through dance and physical self-expression. At first, I wondered if I, who hasn’t really danced since shaking it on a podium at a dark and strobe light filled night club-circa 1995, and feels incredible clumsy and self-concious at the gym (which I never go to) would have anything in common with a woman who teaches self-love and signs her emails “Shake, pop, shimmy, -Joni” or “Hip rollin’ all day, -Joni”

But then, we got to chatting. Joni is so super fun and down-to-earth! I decided to record a bit of our conversation and share it with you because I think her story is like, the very essence of Finding Your Muchness- in a totally extreme way!

Before I introduce you to her, I want to let you know that I got so inspired by Joni’s story and personality that I invited her to NJ! I’d been wanting to organize a Girls night out that combined an awesome, fun activity with some Muchy inspiration and Joni’s classes were clearly a perfect fit! Click on through to check out our Muchness BELLY DANCING event!! It’s gonna be a BLAST and I hope you (Yes, YOU) can make it to this EPIC event! haha 🙂

So now. without further ado, Meet Joni!!

Awesome, right? Head on over to to learn more about her and some of the classes she gives. As you heard, one of the unique things she does is one-on-one private Molton Motion sessions. I took a session with her and it was really amazing. Just really connected me to my concious being and stretched me mentally and physically in ways that I seriously needed.

Here’s a snapshot of our session together:

Like My Shirt? Yes, It Does say IN TOUCH WITH THE MUCH. Want one? GO GET IT!! 🙂

Love & Muchness, Tova

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