Muchness Meditation

You’ve been reading about The Muchness, maybe even signed up to take the challenge, but don’t know where to start! How do you tap into your Muchness? Where do you look? Where is it hiding?

Sometimes the stresses of life live so close to the front of our brains that it’s nearly impossible to step back, breathe and let your Muchness come find you.

I want to help.

I recently sat down with Spiritual life coach and meditation expert Simone Craig and learned about how meditation can help me connect to my Muchness. I’d never meditated before and frankly, it sounded a little too hoaky for me.

So Simone created a Guided Muchness Meditation! I’ve listened to it so many times. If you’ve never meditated before, this is a perfect entry



Sit back, relax and let Spiritual Life Coach and Meditation expert Simone Craig walk you through your mind to get to your place of Muchness! It’s a fantastic way to escape the stress, drama, uncertainty and darkness and look inside to find your own place of light and joy.

I worked with Simone to create this 17 minute custom meditation so I could offer it to you as a quick Muchness pick-me-up. How cool is that??

I’ve personally listened to the meditation so many times. I’ll admit, I kinda thought meditation was a little hooky. I  but I loved the idea of a go-to tool that would always be there when I was feeling disconnected from my Muchness. And then, I listened, and TOTALLY fell in love with it!


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