So. Much. Going. ON.

I have been trying like mad to get those Muchness bands ready for sale. Setting up a shopping cart has revealed itself to be a bit more of a hassle than I anticipated. And I want to make hangtags with strips if paper to write your secret messages to yourself. And I want them to be sparkly. And beautiful.

I am taking this whole thing really seriously, and I have to, to get it done, but I also don’t want to be my own buzzkill….. It has been pointed out to me that being a buzzkill is the definition of stealing someones Muchness. Is my stress stealing my Muchness? That would suck.

In other news, I went to see our portraits that we took and they were great. And I’m the sucker that drank a glass of wine and spent a LOT of money on them. But I do get a hard drive with a video slideshow of the best shots. I am hoping there is some way to manipulate the info and get in there so I can print them… But either way, I will get to watch them.

So, here’s the funny thing about it, we got large printouts of only two pictures. You’d think they’d be the kids. But we decided we have enough pictures of the kids because I take pictures pretty frequently. So the BIG framed / mounted pic we got is of the whole family, all four of us. And the smaller framed print? Just me and the hubby. I mean, who is ever gonna take a picture of the two of us together like that? And ya know what? we looked GOOD! And ya know what else? I’m wearing my Muchness band and it’s right up front in the camera’s eye. Hubby pointed that out, how it looks so nice, right there… hmmmm. I like him 😉

I don’t have the pics from the photoshoot, but here’s a pic of Muchness for inspiration:

Love & Muchness, Tova

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