Welcome to our SPREAD THE MUCHNESS Campaign!

What started out as the spark of an idea for an inspirational gift has grown
into an outreach platform and fundraising tool!

With The TREMENDOUS success of the recent 30 Day Deck of Muchness Moments Campaign I have grown inspired to
as far and wide as I can! The power that exist within us when we tap into our Muchness Moments is truly amazing
and I want YOU to help ME help as many people as possible to Find Their Muchness!


The Indiegogo campaign around the 30 Day Deck exceeded it’s goal 171%! That tells me that we are onto something powerful with these cards.
Response from people who’ve seen them is amazing;
“Those cards are awesome! Love every single one!”
“They look great! I know so many people who could use a deck!”
and my personal favorite:This one is my favorite…. actually, maybe this one – No! Definitely this one… I think.” 

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 8.06.10 PM

Currently, decks of cards are being distributed by baby loss moms who create comfort packages for other baby loss moms.
We’re in the process of arranging to distribute decks to moms of sick kids in area hospitals.
And we’re selling online with a portion of the proceeds going directly to The Fetal Hope Foundation, an incredible not-for-profit founded
by my friend Lonnie Sommers after his daughters survived their battle with TTTS.


I know how much The Muchness means to you. I know many of you have seen it grow from a little light in the dark into an empowering community.
I know many of you have been touched by the idea of tapping into your own Muchness and it has changed your lives.


I want these inspirational and empowering 30 Day Decks sold in your local hospital gift shops! I want everyone in your community to see them and be able to buy them at
the local coffee house, at their favorite boutique, clothing store and manicure shop!

I know that there are millions of MuchnessSeekers all across this country and the world! Imagine how much MUCHNESS we could spread if everyone reading this page just got their local coffee lounge on board? How much money could be raised for Fetal Hope if everyone who saw the decks purchased one for their moms, their sister, their best friend?
An inspiring little pick-me-up when they are feeling sad, disconnected or, well, out of touch with their MUCH.

Click here to sign up and access everything you need to easily and confidently march your Muchy self into your favorite local spot and share with them this unique opportunity to sell the
Inspirational 30 Day Deck + Raise money for The Fetal Hope Foundation + Earn Rewards Points that can be Redeemed for Muchness Merchandise!

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 4.08.05 PM

Everything they & you need to easily make this happen is in the information packet you’ll receive after signing up here.

I wanted to make sure you are rewarded for your effort, so I’ve created a points system! For every deck you sell, you’ll collect Muchness points that can be redeemed towards purchases of additional Muchness products, either in the Muchness Band Boutique or at our Zazzle Shop which sells all types of goodies with our inspirational art on the front.

How cool is that?

Click here to apply! I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


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