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Happy Valentine’s Day Still Standing readers!

Finding My Muchness is a community built to help women reconnect to their light, their joy, their MUCHNESS after grief or trauma. I hope this little love note from you, to you, helps you find a little bit of strength today, and whenever you go back and re-read it.

Valentines Day Card To Your FIRST Love.

Let’s start with this fact:

You are an incredible, unique and special woman.

It’s OK if sometimes you don’t feel like that.

It’s OK if sometimes you don’t act like that.

The reality is, you are. You were given every single tool you need to be exactly the person you want and need to be. But you need to believe that in order for the tools to work.

Now, as I write this, I believe it about you, and I don’t even know you, because it’s a concept I believe in whole heartedly. But I’d be a big liar if I told you I feel that way about myself all the time. I don’t… far from it.

But I’m coming to understand that that’s OK. Even if you just start off by allowing yourself to believe it for one minute a day, it creates a powerful shift in your thoughts and actions.

So, for this exercise, I ask that you allow that one minute to be now. (OK, maybe 5 minutes…. we’re making up for lost time…)


Print out the attached card (Click the image above) and from a place of self-belief, self-love and unshakable confidence, fill it out.

For the next few minutes shut off those voices of self doubt in your head. Don’t listen to the Muchness stealing gremblins that make you want to feel less than. Just imagine a you that feels whole and complete in your own skin.

If you need to, use extra paper to answer the prompts. Let your whole self be filled with the words and thoughts of that woman that is inside you and fill out this card to yourself.

When you are done, fold up the card and put it away in a special place. When you are needing strength or confidence, pull it out and read it again, as a love letter to yourself whenever you need a little self-love from the person that knows you best, that believes in you even when you feel like you don’t believe in yourself. YOU.


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xox, Tova



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