So, sometimes I stalk twitter. I’ll go there and type “Muchness” in the search bar and see what Muchness people are tweeting about. Usually it’s just geeks quoting Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes it’s people ranking on their friends “You’ve lost your Muchness” and occassionally it’s someone saying they’ve lost theirs. At which point I direct them to this site to find it. (According to my stats, none of them ever click through… destined to navigate through The Land of Lost Muchness alone…. but that’s their problem. Not mine… but I digress)

Anyhooooo… last night I decided to twitter stalk. I punched in Muchness and a girl I swear I didnt recognize  had tweeted “Day one of finding my #muchness was just a start. I’m not seeing a change yet. But hopefully the 30 day challenge will make me much muchier.”

I was like WTF??? Who is this chic named Sarah? I figured I HAD to know her so I trolled around through her links and found her DAY 1 Pic. She is Liat’s Day Care Teacher!! Every day I see this chic and I didn’t even know that she KNEW about the Muchness, let alone was so inspired by it!!! What an AWESOME surprise!!!! So I begged and pleaded (I asked 🙂 ) and now Miss Thang has transferred her challenge to it’s new, rightful HOME!!!! Just in time for DAY 3!!!!

OK- so, to catch you up I’ve included everything you need to know about Sarah to totally fall in love with her and her Muchness!!

Heeeeeeere’s SARAH B.!!!!

Hi all!

My name is Sarah and I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to do thirty days of Muchness! Although I am not sure where along the lines I lost my muchness, I have definitely noticed that I used to “be much muchier.” Haha. I think that it was just the little things that I stopped caring about that made me lose my much. BUT! I am ready to get it back. With all the pandemonium of starting my junior year of college, (third school in three years!), I figured what better time than the present to cleanse myself of the darkness and find a new light?!

Now I do not know much about what will make me muchier,  but what I do know, before this muchness challenge, is that I enjoy the little things in life. It is the smaller things that create a big picture for me. SO! The theme of my challenge will be the smaller things that go unnoticed but truly do play a big part in my happiness, and ultimately, the happiness of others.

Sarah's "Hey, How ya doin'?" Intro Pic

Sarah's Muchness pic of the Day! Day 1- "Today i used green and gold eye shadow, and NO eyeliner. This makes me feel much muchier, because it is brighter and makes me feel bubblier. It is also very 80’s inspired, as is my hair. 😉 This brings me one step closer to my muchness!"

Sarah's Muchness Pic of the day, Day 2! "Tie dye and glitter! Why should I act my age? I think that a twenty year old has just as much motive as a four year old to wear glitter on her nails and drink out of a tie dyed thermos. Who is it that determines how my age should act? Oh yeah… me. 😉 So, from now on I’m going to let my freak flag fly. Tie Dye and glitter is just what I need to get through the day. Today is the first day all week that I have worked from 8-6 and have not felt exhausted once. Looking at my gorgeous finger nails makes me smile, which is enough to keep pushing.props to: Sally Hanson nail stickers & CVS for selling this awesome tie dyed water bottle. get it.

**** Letter from the editor: (Um, that’s me, Tova….) When sending me these pics Sarah also included a note to me which read “First off, I want to say that this muchness challenge is awesome.. I don’t know if it is the cause for my sudden energy bursts, but if not it sure is a coincidence…”….Though she sent it to me, I just wanna share. I’m all choked up… It’s no coincidence my friend!!

Stay tuned for Sarah’s Day 3 pic!!!

Love & Muchness, Tova


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