Color Splash coming our way!!!

Color Splash is coming in just 9.5 hours!!! OMG- I am psyched.
I cleaned out the room, left little post-it’s on stuff, even left the whole crew ceramic coffee mugs from my office. But ya know what I really want??? (besides an awesome, amazing kick-ass living room) I wanna share THE MUCHNESS and get it on national television!!! The only thing in the room when they arrive will be the kids easle. What do you think?


Do you think theyll show it? I hope they do!!!! By the time it airs my goal is to be #1 on google for the search term MUCHNESS. It’s a lofty goal, but my hubby is an SEO guru and I KNOW we can do it!!

I also left them another note on the other blackboard:


Before I found my Muchness that would have read “Welcome. Please don’t make it too nuts. Sorry if I’m being annoying”