Inspiration for a Tuesday, Via Marie Forleo


I made this sticker for my work computer about three weeks ago. (I made a duplicate as a magnet for my fridge too.) Since then, I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve thought to myself “Remember Tova- Everything is Figureoutable” and it’s helped me keep my cool.

For Example: Today this quote helped me figure out how to get out of the office for lunch just long enough to write this post and share a MuchnessPicOfTheDay of my muchy skirt and shoes!

The first paragraph above is 100% serious. …it’s possible however that the example part should have been written in my official “sarcasm font” and was just an attempt to sneak in a picture of my muchy outfit… But it’s also possible I’m completely serious. Even I’m not sure.

….anyway, Marie Forleo is awesome. She offers business and personal coaching to women, teaching them how to use their Muchness (my word, not hers) to find success! Seriously, this chic knows what she’s talking about and is therefore my first official


(***in the interest of full disclosure, Marie Forleo has absolutely no idea who I am. I came across her video series on YouTube and decided I <3 her and want to be her BFF, or maybe just join her for tequila shots on a random Tuesday to discuss how an awesome pair of shoes can make you feel invincible. I’ll settle for either scenario.)

(*** also in the interest of full disclosure, I have no actual plans to have a weekly Muchtastic Chic of the Week, I just used that line to be cute. But the more I think about it, I’m kinda digging the concept. Yay! Another exciting idea to toss around in my ping-pong machine of a brain!!)