To be so Naive

They say this is one of their best sellers. I believe it. But I imagine there aren’t many moms in the baby loss community that would be willing to dress their living child in this onsie.

Hard to describe the combination of jealousy and annoyance and anger and… jealousy at the idea of a mom being able to see this as only what it’s meant to be.


Love & Muchness, Tova

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  1. Lauren Nicholas

    Oh, wow. This is odd, indeed. Prior to having any understanding whatsoever regarding infant loss and all it encompasses (with still very limited understanding), I still always found it odd that people equate their children with angels. No matter your religious affiliation, *most* world religions (surely all the biggies), and even spiritualities, identify angels as being (1) the deceased, or (2) Beings appointed by God who never lived. I understand that society skewed these intentions and tend to interpret angels as “angelic,” and therefore perhaps see their children as angelic, or innocent, or beautiful, or… something? I really don’t get it; never did. And I surely don’t get it now. There are Beings that are beautiful, and untouched, and innocent…they’re called babies/children! My “today’s mind” views this onesie as insensitive. My “old mind” views this as odd, obnoxious and in no way theologically accurate. Oh well…whatever sells to the simple mind.

    • Tova Gold Post author

      Yeah- I never thought about it that much before, but now it is really odd to me…
      I once saw a maternity dress with angel wings printed on the belly- same perceived concept as this onsie but for the pregnant mom. That was even more disturbing… knowing that sometimes women carry their deceased babies before they are born, or women that Carry to term babies diagnosed with disorders that they know are not going to be able to live once born… that was the only thing I saw when I looked at that… Ok- just googled it.
      how disturbing?angel wings dress


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