To you, they are tacky pants. To me, they’re hypnotic happy light makers

I’m sure after this post some people are going to wonder if I’ve gone off the deep end. I wore my gold Sequin Pants today. (What. you DON’t own gold sequin pants? Here‘s an easy fix for that problem.) I love how the light chases me in these pants. Seriously, I’m like a 7 year old, but this never gets old.

On the dreary morning bus ride:

On the sidewalks:

On the lawn:

Walking in my front door:

It’s completely Muchtastic! But here’s the best part. I made a self-hyponosis video for you to watch. It’s called “Sequin Pants In The Tunnel. (All rights reserved. Ha!)

[youtube_sc url=””]

Love & Muchness, Tova

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