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I’m heading out to go to a local support group. Not sure why. Maybe just an excuse to get out of the house? I guess I’ve been feeling a little stressed lately. Maybe it’s an excuse to think about the twins. Something about the idea of just thinking about them is making me feel less stressed. Sort of comforted, actually.

Been wondering where the time flies away to lately. I feel like I barely have a moment to lift my chin, look around and say hello. The kids are getting more demanding of my time, my job is getting more demanding of my brain, the house is being more demanding in terms of needing to be cleaned, sleep is getting more demanding on my body, since I’ve deprived it for so long of a healthy sleep pattern. And this site, with all it’s upgrades and changes and fun stuff, is getting more demanding of my personal passion. In the end, it’ll all work out. The good stuff will rise to the top. As long as we keep moving, we’re moving forward.

More from me later!

Love & Muchness, Tova

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