The Minute of Muchness Prizes!

Tomorrow is the big day!

The 2nd ANNUAL MUCHNESS DAY!!! (and my birthday- tee hee! Thank you, thank you all…. it’s nice to finally be able to drink legally! 🙂 )

Are you working on your Minute Of Muchness video? I hope so, but if not, don’t worry! The whole thing shouldn’t take you more than 90 seconds to do, soup to nuts!

Don’t think too hard, just go with your gut. It could be anything from happy clothes, cooking, reading, connecting with friends, creative outlets, even inspiring others with your honesty and voice, – whatever puts that feeling in your belly that lets you know you’re connecting to your inner Muchness! Be yourself and if you feel nervous or weird about talking into the camera, do it anyway! Feel the rush and then congratulate yourself on stepping out of your comfort zone to share some of the beauty that makes you, YOU!

Aaaaaand…. I got Prizes!

For the very first person that posts their Minute Of Muchness Video – it’s a Muchy water bottle! Ya know- staying hydrated is very important to a Muchy state of mind!

What else? Someones gonna win this adorable, fun, colorful and sparkly bracelet!

It’s the kind of thing you can throw on on a dreary day when you feel like crap and decided to wear all black and then  immediately, as if by some form of Muchness magic, you will be in a better mood. Results Guaranteed!

And, because I’m feeling generous, I decided to throw in this other prize… BUT, it will only be rewarded if we meet our goal of posting TEN – Minute Of Muchness Videos.

Check it out:

Pretty Muchtastic, right? It’s a three piece make-up pouch / clutch set – Brand new with Tags, from Nine West. It not only has sequins and shine and animal print, it’s also got the inspiring words Cherish • Treasure • Precious on each of the bags. Love it!

Wanna see MY Minute of Muchness? Check it out!

Upload your video to Youtube titled “Your name’s Minute of Muchness” and then share it on our FB wall!

Kablamo! You’re in!

Here’s the pretty looking directions for reference!