I L.O.V.E. Sharing The Muchness!!!

Last night I had an incredible opportunity. I was invited to speak at a local college to a group of about 50+ young women. It was the first time I’d ever spoken publicly to a group this size (Except a few years ago when I was a guest teacher at a Junior High School) and I was NERVOUS.

I tried to remember that I was SUPPOSED to be nervous and just let myself feel that. So, that manifested itself for two nights in a  row into nightmares about showing up in my fancy blue dress with my legs as hairy as an ape. Great.

But I got there and started talking. And talking. And talking. and I really loved it. I loved that I was able to speak to college students who are the height of when they can really tap into their Muchness. I talked about how in college I felt pretty connected to my Muchness, my creativity and confidence because I was in an environment, art school, that supported that concept. And I loved watching the faces of the girls as I spoke. They were listening and responsive and I felt them hearing me.

Most importantly I was glad to have the opportunity to introduce them to the IDEA of Muchness, the idea that EVERYONE has Muchness and that it exists, in some form, in you… because it IS you. The event was billed as a “self-esteem informational” and my hope is that could help them get or stay on a path to living in a way that honors themselves, their individuality, their joys and unique quirks.

I hope plan to do more speaking. Doing it may have scared me but it totally got me pumped up, and isn’t that what The Muchness is all about? Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourselves to your full capacities?

This is me with some of the women after the talk.

I love it. Not only was it an opportunity to empower young women, but it was an opportunity to wear my awesome blue dress. What could be muchier than that?? 🙂

Want to invite The Muchness to your event or school?? I’d Love to come!

PS- To the girls I met last night who wanted to buy Muchness Bands, Click here and enter the 3 letter name for your school (all caps) for a coupon code at checkout. 😉


Muchness Meets Photography Group Challenge!!

Hiya! So, a ton of people have asked for more info about the upcoming
Muchness meets Photography Group Challenge
so I’ve re-created some of those conversations and inserted them into this FAQ!!!

Q: What is this event?
A: The Muchness Challenge is all about finding or creating and documenting the joy and light and color and creativity in your every day. This event is a guided 30 Day MUCHNESS Challenge.

Q: Tell me more.
A: Every morning, starting September 1st, and ending September 30, you will receive an email telling you the MUCHNESS challenge for the day. These are short, creative exercises designed to get your brain moving in muchy, fun and colorful ways! You’ll also get a helpful and inspiring photography tip or challenge that you can incorporate into your daily MUCHNESS pic!

Q: What do I do with the pics I take?
A: You will upload them onto your own personal blog on findingmymuchness.com

Q: That sounds difficult.
A: It’s not. The Finding My Muchness member area is super easy to navigate. You just click the big pink button and type your post.

Q: That sounds time consuming.
A: It’s not- you can do it in just a two minutes a day – and you can do it from your smartphone!

Q: So what’s the deal with live virtual event I heard about?
A: On August 28, Beryl and I will be hosting a live online event. You will be invited to watch and hear us discuss the event and we will explain all the technical details of how the site works. You’ll also hear about some upcoming contests, bonuses and giveaways we have planned! You’ll be able to type in questions live as we go! If you can’t make it to the live event, dont worry. You can catch the reruns via a link we’ll send to your inbox, as well as written instructions/ recap.

Q: Is this just for babyloss moms?
A: Heck no! The MUCHNESS is here for anyone and everyone who had a desire to get in touch with their inner Muchness and see the light and joy around them.

Q: Does it cost money to participate?
A: Nope. Not a penny.

Q: I don’t know what to post about.
A: That’s why it’s a guided Challenge… Beryl and I, as well as the other Muchness Challengers will guide you through and make it fun and inspiring!

Q: OK- so it sounds cool but I’m still not sure I’m up for it.
A: Really? OK, fair enough. Here’s the deal. You should sign up anyway. Once you’re signed up you’ll get to read the creative daily challenges we’ve assembled. The challenge is about YOU. Even if the emails just serve to inspire you to think about your day from a Muchy perspective, and you never post a thing, that’s ok. Don’t misunderstand, documenting and sharing your Muchness Moments is a tremendous part of the healing and joy that The Muchness Challenge can bring into your life, but our goal is to help you feel better about your day, and simply reading the emails will help you do that.

Sign up HERE

Still have more questions? Read more here or post your questions in the comments below! Would love to answer them!