Doing good feels great. Help me do more of it.

I’m so stoked and I wanna share it anywhere I can that maybe will help me connect with friends who will help me!! As many of you know, I recently ran an indiegogo campaign to raise $$ to make a deck of cards called the “30 Day Deck Of Muchness Moments” Even AFTER meeting the goal, the support is STILL coming in and I am SO EXCITED!!!!


So, here’s what’s going on…

I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone, and because of one anonymous donation that went a long way towards helping us reach the goal, I’ve decided to pay it forward. In addition to donating at least 20 decks to The TTTS Support Team to be included in the care packages to moms that have suffered a loss due to TTTS, I am currently working on connecting with the correct people at a few NY & NJ based Children’s hospitals so I can go there and hand-deliver decks of cards to the moms of kids battling cancer and other heartbreaking diagnosis. Just a small way to share a little bit of light and Muchness with people who could probably use it…

The campaign ends in 5 short days.

Any additional funds I raise in the next 5 days will just go directly to increasing my print quantity so I can make MORE decks to donate!!
I’m really just bursting inside… so filled with gratitude and excitement to be able to do this…


I’ve updated the campaign page to indicate my new goal / plan and I want to have a shit-ton of decks to donate so PLEASE share this with your friends and social networks… encourage them to purchase because I know they are going to love the cards and you’re all going to love watching the impact they make because I’m going to share this whole journey as it keeps unfolding! You’ll be able to see all the places and people we’re able to impact with these decks of Muchness Moments!!

Here’s a status update. Just Copy & Paste it into your feed:

Check out these inspirational cards my friend Tova Muchness Gold has created! She’s planning to donate them to moms of kids with cancer. The more she raises the more she can donate! Please support & share!


These cards are awesome + they are going to babyloss moms & moms of kids in the hospital.   Please support & share! 


I only wish I could buy more of these… I want to give a deck to every woman I know! + they benefit a great cause! Check it out!   Please support & share! 

ARE YOU A TWEETER? Tweet it out, Yo.

would love to give these cards to every woman I know + they benefit a great cause!


Thank You again…
xox, Tova

I L.O.V.E. Sharing The Muchness!!!

Last night I had an incredible opportunity. I was invited to speak at a local college to a group of about 50+ young women. It was the first time I’d ever spoken publicly to a group this size (Except a few years ago when I was a guest teacher at a Junior High School) and I was NERVOUS.

I tried to remember that I was SUPPOSED to be nervous and just let myself feel that. So, that manifested itself for two nights in a  row into nightmares about showing up in my fancy blue dress with my legs as hairy as an ape. Great.

But I got there and started talking. And talking. And talking. and I really loved it. I loved that I was able to speak to college students who are the height of when they can really tap into their Muchness. I talked about how in college I felt pretty connected to my Muchness, my creativity and confidence because I was in an environment, art school, that supported that concept. And I loved watching the faces of the girls as I spoke. They were listening and responsive and I felt them hearing me.

Most importantly I was glad to have the opportunity to introduce them to the IDEA of Muchness, the idea that EVERYONE has Muchness and that it exists, in some form, in you… because it IS you. The event was billed as a “self-esteem informational” and my hope is that could help them get or stay on a path to living in a way that honors themselves, their individuality, their joys and unique quirks.

I hope plan to do more speaking. Doing it may have scared me but it totally got me pumped up, and isn’t that what The Muchness is all about? Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourselves to your full capacities?

This is me with some of the women after the talk.

I love it. Not only was it an opportunity to empower young women, but it was an opportunity to wear my awesome blue dress. What could be muchier than that?? 🙂

Want to invite The Muchness to your event or school?? I’d Love to come!

PS- To the girls I met last night who wanted to buy Muchness Bands, Click here and enter the 3 letter name for your school (all caps) for a coupon code at checkout. 😉


Muchness when it matters. Fundraising for a friend

I want to raise money to help my friend and Muchness Challenge alum- Shannon.

Shannon is a TTTS mom. She lost her daughters Anna and Claire about two years ago after two laser surgeries to try and save them.

Four months ago she gave birth to her rainbow baby Zane. Since before he was born, Zane has been having medical issues that have surprised and confused his team of doctors. He’s spent much of his life in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries, including one for neuroblastoma, while his doctors explore reasons, explanations and diagnosis for his complicated and heartbreaking medical issues.

Now, upon their most recent potential diagnosis of Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia Syndrome, a disease spo rare it affects only 1 in 10,000,000 annually, Shannon, who has 3 other young children, must travel to seek the care of a specialist. She’s started a fundraiser to try and cover their travel expenses and I’m asking for your help to raise some money.

If you have been thinking of buying a Muchness band for yourself or as a holiday gift, please click HERE to purchase.

For every band sold, I will donate $15 to Shannon’s fundraiser.

Click here to purchase a Muchness Band & Donate

Click here to donate directly.

Shannon, seen here wearing her Muchness band as a necklace, with some Muchy bracelets she won in a Muchness Contest last year – has been a big supporter of The Muchness and I hope I can raise a nice amount of money to tack onto my own donation.

You can read more about Zane’s journey on Shannon’s new blog ZaneLeland

Thanks so much for your support.

Zane’s Fundraiser