Muchness Meets Photography- A Group Challenge event!!

Ya know what my goal is? To help you find your Muchness. That’s pretty much it. For Real. And how am I gonna do it? Any damn way I can. Why? Because I LOVE doing this.
I Love connecting with Muchness Seekers and helping them tap into the Muchness that is lying dormant inside them. I love it. It fills me with Muchness. True story. The end.

OK- here’s the deal- I have been in the process of creating a whole bunch of stuff for the site that I think you’re really gonna love. Stuff that’s gonna inspire you and help you tap into your Muchness in so. many. ways.
And the first thing on the agenda is getting me so pumped I’m actually bouncing in my seat.

About a month ago I met a woman, Beryl Ayn Young, on one of my baby loss support boards. She lost her daughter Bella the very same month we lost our twins, in September 2009. As part of her journey through grief and healing, she picked up a camera and started using it as a tool through which to see light and joy again… Essentially, Beryl found her Muchness through photography! And then, she started to share it with others- baby loss moms and other women searching for healing and joy and a creative way to express themselves.

Now, almost 3 years later, Beryl and I found each other. In an even more muchtastic twist, Beryl is also enrolled in Bschool because she too wants to share the joy and light and creativity she’s found with the world! Clearly, we had a whole lot to talk about.

I recently wrote a guest post for her site, and she’ll be posting one here in the near future so you can get to know here a bit better, but in the meantime, here’s what we’ve cooked up:
For the month of September, Beryl and I are going to combine our passions and host a 30 Day Muchness meets Photography Group Challenge on!! It’ll offer you inspirational Muchness + helpful photography tips + constant support and creative ideas to help you make the most of your 30 Day Challenge and reconnect with Your Unique Muchness! It’s going to be a really incredible journey… and it starts with a FREE, LIVE Virtual Event!! (OK- I won’t lie- that “Virtual Event” word totally intimidates me both as a host and as a participant, but Beryl’s done tons of them and swears they are easy to participate in and a total online party… so, obviously, I am totally in— and so is my cocktail… and I hope, so are you and yours!! :))
To participate in this entirely free event (and maybe even get some free Muchness swag at the end, because, ya know, I love to share the Muchness…) all you gotta do is sign upand let us know you wanna participate! Yup! That’s it! Anyone can join! No matter where on your MuchnessSeeking journey you are, there is always more Muchness to be captured.We’ll email you the info for the August 28 event and during that live party explain how simple it is to set up your Muchness Blog on your computer- and even from your smart phone- so you can easily participate in the challenge. We’ll also offer some great “Theme” ideas to get you going, or, help you cultivate a theme that is uniquely and Muchtastically YOU! There’ll be some photo tips and other secret muchy stuff that I can’t tell you about just yet.. but trust me, if you’ve even considered taking the Muchness Challenge, now is the time to do it.
Yay!!! So psyched!
See ya on the sign-up form!!