30 Day Deck of Muchness Moments!

I’m so excited to share with you the 30 Day Deck of Muchness Moments cards that I’ve been working on!!!

WooooHoooo!!!!! (I know…. it’s all so very exciting! Right?!?!)


These cards are designed to be a fun, interactive way for you to tap into your Muchness Moments… ya know, those moments that pop into your day where you feel light and joy from the inside…. those moments that are so easy to overlook if you’re not paying attention to them….


Cuz here’s the facts…. it’s really easy to overlook the good stuff.

It’s really easy to get hung up on all the bad shit that goes wrong on any given day. It’s really easy to bitch and moan about the little things that are annoying and lame and generally just move way. too. slow.

I know because I am a Grade A complainer. I know. True Confession. Shhhh.


(Yes, that’s right, it’s a big but.) 

…turns out YOU have control over the little things. It’s all about perception. You can actually train your brain to tune into the GOOD shit that pops up in your day. Revolutionary, right?

How do you do that? PRACTICE.

Just like wearing 7″ platforms, it just takes practice. And that’s what these cards are designed to do. They are designed to help you practice seeing the good stuff. Because life happens in the little moments. and YOU decide which ones you’re seeing.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNXk75ygLb0&feature=player_embedded”]

Please head on over to our Indiegogo campaign and pre-buy these cards for yourself and your favorite people. They are priced well below our actual retail price PLUS there’s like, tons of add-on bonuses that make them Super-muchtastic! If we don’t meet our goal, I can’t make the cards and then there’s gonna be lots of muchless, sad faced people moping around…. including you! (Though you will get your $ back)

So, Please do what you can to help us spread Muchness!!!! Share the campaign, share the site, take a 30 Day Muchness Challenge! Be a hero, Be Muchtastic. You Rock!


Have you seen your new Member Homepage?!?!

I’m terribly excited to share with you the new member area homepage!! Ever since I started this project, the thing I loved the most was watching new members join and make the commitment to find their Muchness by documenting their Muchness Moments. If you’ve been a long time reader, you know that I have been through so many iterations of this site trying to make it just right. I’ve had so many ups and down, the biggest down being The Great Server Crash of 2011, where I lost some incredibly beautiful, inspired and healing Muchness Challenges. In a panic, I hastily moved the site to a whole new “pre-designed” platform with lots of bells and whistles, but it just never felt ‘right.’

So now, I’ve been slowly building and rebuilding the site and community to really represent what The Muchness has grown into.

We are a community of support, sharing, healing, fun and sparkle, but ultimately, we are and have always been, about YOU and YOUR journey to find YOUR Muchness. 

We just give you a give you a place to explore, create, experiment and push yourself into bigger, brighter, more colorful and joyful places in your world. Creating that space for you is truly my joy and that’s why I put So Much energy into creating a safe, encouraging and easy space for you to blog and document your Muchness Moments!

I know what you’re saying… You’re saying “Yes! I love that! But every time I sign in I’m still confused by what to do!” and I am here to say NOT ANYMORE!!! Check out your new member page:

That’s all the groovy muchtastic stuff you can do when you’re a member– all easily laid out for you!! I have put so much thought and heart into creating this site and I want it to be a spot of joy and comfort for you to come back to, time and time again. For that to really come to fruition, I knew that making it easy and pretty was an important step.

As with all technology, there may be some bugs getting started, and I am counting on you to let me know if you come across any!! Please let me know your thoughts, questions, likes, dislikes in the comments below. Go LOGIN to your membership area to check it out for yourself! If you like what you see and want to join the Muchness Community, Click here!

Like what you see but not ready to make a commitment yet to Get In Touch With The Much? That’s OK, sign up for our Free Weekly-ish Newsletter to stay up to date on all the much going’s on! When you’re ready, we’ll be waiting!

Oh, and one more thing- Beryl and I have been working on our big plans for the Muchness Meets Photography Guided Group Challenge and I am getting so stinkin’ excited!! If you haven’t signed up, GO! Do it! Even if you can’t make it to the August 28, live virtual event, you will receive all the info via email- inspirational tidbits, photography tips, creative, joyful challenges… I promise, it’s TOTALLY worth the price of admission!! (Did I mention it’s totally FREE?)  

Can’t wait to see you on the flip side!


Muchness Meets Photography- A Group Challenge event!!

Ya know what my goal is? To help you find your Muchness. That’s pretty much it. For Real. And how am I gonna do it? Any damn way I can. Why? Because I LOVE doing this.
I Love connecting with Muchness Seekers and helping them tap into the Muchness that is lying dormant inside them. I love it. It fills me with Muchness. True story. The end.

OK- here’s the deal- I have been in the process of creating a whole bunch of stuff for the site that I think you’re really gonna love. Stuff that’s gonna inspire you and help you tap into your Muchness in so. many. ways.
And the first thing on the agenda is getting me so pumped I’m actually bouncing in my seat.

About a month ago I met a woman, Beryl Ayn Young, on one of my baby loss support boards. She lost her daughter Bella the very same month we lost our twins, in September 2009. As part of her journey through grief and healing, she picked up a camera and started using it as a tool through which to see light and joy again… Essentially, Beryl found her Muchness through photography! And then, she started to share it with others- baby loss moms and other women searching for healing and joy and a creative way to express themselves.

Now, almost 3 years later, Beryl and I found each other. In an even more muchtastic twist, Beryl is also enrolled in Bschool because she too wants to share the joy and light and creativity she’s found with the world! Clearly, we had a whole lot to talk about.

I recently wrote a guest post for her site, and she’ll be posting one here in the near future so you can get to know here a bit better, but in the meantime, here’s what we’ve cooked up:
For the month of September, Beryl and I are going to combine our passions and host a 30 Day Muchness meets Photography Group Challenge on FindingMyMuchness.com!! It’ll offer you inspirational Muchness + helpful photography tips + constant support and creative ideas to help you make the most of your 30 Day Challenge and reconnect with Your Unique Muchness! It’s going to be a really incredible journey… and it starts with a FREE, LIVE Virtual Event!! (OK- I won’t lie- that “Virtual Event” word totally intimidates me both as a host and as a participant, but Beryl’s done tons of them and swears they are easy to participate in and a total online party… so, obviously, I am totally in— and so is my cocktail… and I hope, so are you and yours!! :))
To participate in this entirely free event (and maybe even get some free Muchness swag at the end, because, ya know, I love to share the Muchness…) all you gotta do is sign upand let us know you wanna participate! Yup! That’s it! Anyone can join! No matter where on your MuchnessSeeking journey you are, there is always more Muchness to be captured.We’ll email you the info for the August 28 event and during that live party explain how simple it is to set up your Muchness Blog on your computer- and even from your smart phone- so you can easily participate in the challenge. We’ll also offer some great “Theme” ideas to get you going, or, help you cultivate a theme that is uniquely and Muchtastically YOU! There’ll be some photo tips and other secret muchy stuff that I can’t tell you about just yet.. but trust me, if you’ve even considered taking the Muchness Challenge, now is the time to do it.
Yay!!! So psyched!
See ya on the sign-up form!!

Tova Gold Featured ON LA TALK RADIO with Dr. Phil Dembo!

A few months back I was featured on Dr. Phil Dembo’s radio show. It was my first ‘live’ event and I was so stinkin’ nervous. My brain kept racing to all the people that “knew” me that would be listening and if I’d say the right thing and represent baby loss moms and feelings well…

So I was thrilled to be invited back and this time, I did something pretty lame. I didn’t really promote it. I just didn’t want to be that scared and figured if I knew there were less folks that knew me ‘personally’  likely listening, I’d be able to be more myself on air.

The show JUST ended and now I feel kinda like a dork for letting my fear guide me, because I think the show went really well and I was not  that nervous- however, I accept that I am a work in progress and won’t let myself beat me up.

I DO want to say this:

I believe in the power of Muchness- I’ve seen it work – I know it’s in every single person in some form or another and it’s time we start paying attention to those Muchness Moments!! That was the message of tonights show and that is the message I want to share with people because I want to help them capture their Muchness! It’s not about me and my stupid fears.  Lesson Learned. Next time, you will hear me shouting from the rooftops because I want to share this gift!!

The show was awesome. Dr. Dembo (OK, Phil) has a really great way of narrowing in on the heart of the  matter and getting to root of the subject. He’s all about teaching positive parenting skills by being a positive person… so muchy.

Have a listen! My interview is the first 20 minutes or so…

Sunday, July 8: http://www.latalkradio.com/Dembo.php

Let me know what you think. Really, truly, I’d be honored by your feedback and would love to answer any questions that the conversation may have sparked in you! See you in the comments!