Talking to babyloss parents about their joy (a video)

What an amazing weekend. For almost a year I have been looking forward to speaking at Forever In Our Hearts- a baby loss memorial walk in Wisconsin. It was such a thrill to be asked and I worked on my speech for months and months leading up to the event. And then, a week before I was set to fly- I trashed everything I’d written and started from scratch. I knew that to be impactful and also not completly freeze up in fear, I’d have to talk from my heart. I’d have to figure out and organize the thoughts and beliefs and experiences I wanted to share and then I just had to get up there – let my girls guide me- and share them.
And I think that’s what I did.

I poured my heart into it and I’d love if you would take a few minutes and watch my talk.

I was so grateful for this opportunity and afterwards, so many people came up and thanked me.
Thanked me.
One woman thanked me for giving her permission to find joy.
Nobody needs my permission. It’s inside of you. 

Another thanked me for reminding her its ok to bring light back into her home.
Friends, it’s OK. That’s where the light SHOULD be. 

And others asked me how.
How do you start?

How do you start to see the moments of light when they’re trapped in and filled with the murkiness and weight of grief?

And I told them-
it’s when we are trapped in the utter darkness that the tiniest little spark gives off the most light.
If you’re looking for a glorious sunrise in the middle of a star-less night, you will continue to be disappointed by the darkness.


Instead, search for the tiniest little star and move towards it. As you get closer, you’ll realize it’s bigger than you thought, and surrounded by many other little stars you couldn’t see before. Keep exploring those tiny little stars. You may not find the sunset you thought you were seeking, but you may just discover the light and beauty of a moon you didn’t know was there.

Tova Gold Featured ON LA TALK RADIO with Dr. Phil Dembo!

A few months back I was featured on Dr. Phil Dembo’s radio show. It was my first ‘live’ event and I was so stinkin’ nervous. My brain kept racing to all the people that “knew” me that would be listening and if I’d say the right thing and represent baby loss moms and feelings well…

So I was thrilled to be invited back and this time, I did something pretty lame. I didn’t really promote it. I just didn’t want to be that scared and figured if I knew there were less folks that knew me ‘personally’  likely listening, I’d be able to be more myself on air.

The show JUST ended and now I feel kinda like a dork for letting my fear guide me, because I think the show went really well and I was not  that nervous- however, I accept that I am a work in progress and won’t let myself beat me up.

I DO want to say this:

I believe in the power of Muchness- I’ve seen it work – I know it’s in every single person in some form or another and it’s time we start paying attention to those Muchness Moments!! That was the message of tonights show and that is the message I want to share with people because I want to help them capture their Muchness! It’s not about me and my stupid fears.  Lesson Learned. Next time, you will hear me shouting from the rooftops because I want to share this gift!!

The show was awesome. Dr. Dembo (OK, Phil) has a really great way of narrowing in on the heart of the  matter and getting to root of the subject. He’s all about teaching positive parenting skills by being a positive person… so muchy.

Have a listen! My interview is the first 20 minutes or so…

Sunday, July 8:

Let me know what you think. Really, truly, I’d be honored by your feedback and would love to answer any questions that the conversation may have sparked in you! See you in the comments!

My Chat with Dr. Dembo!

What an amazing experience talking to Dr. Dembo- He so GETS The Muchness! I was so thrilled for the opportunity to chat with him!

I’m also thrilled that the site upgrades I’ve been working on are almost complete and taking the Challenge and just posting will be more user friendly than ever!

Please comment and let me know if you heard the show, what you thought and if yo are a new visitor, WELCOME and I can’t wait to get to know you and watch you get IN TOUCH WITH THE MUCH!!

Check it out!

xox, Tova