Decluttering!!! Doing a little bit every day will keep the momentum going- I can FEEL IT!!!

today was just me and the kids and Ithought “I’m gonna get NO Decluttering done!” But keeping my expectations low, I managed to get through two important drawers and a lot of my Family room shelves. I’ll save the shelves for when they’re REALLY done. but check out some of the drawers:



… I stole those pink baskets from the pens in my other junk drawer- planning to buy as little as possible!!!! And the Ikea kids cutlery made it’s way into a different drawer. Behold:



Those hanging Ikea baskets work great on the rails, and I have them just because I figured they’d be good for SOMETHING (I also keep hair elastics and barrettes in them in the bathroom)

It feels great to open  up the drawers and be able to just grab something…. almost makes me want to do dishes!!! (almost)


What are some of your Before & Afters?

Love & Muchness, Tova

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