Gotta get the clutter OUT! It’s a MAJOR Muchness Killer!!

January is declutter month but I couldn’t wait. Because before you can declutter you have to THROW OUT THE GARBAGE. My basement has so much potential and I have visions of a complete craft and Muchness Service Station down there. But those visions are only in my head, because in reality, this is what’s clouding my vision:

Elie  has been nagging me for months to clean out and organize the office but I can’t do that until I have a place to re-distribute the stuff that’s crowding the office. So today, I got myself a bagster and I got to work. Liat napped, Molly watched Cinderella with a friend. within 5 hours I’d created this:

Still a along ways to go to reach my Muchness Service Station but what a sense of accomplishment!! Knowing I could come here and share it was such incentive!! I kept thinking about how encouraging it would be to declutter together once January hits!!!

Here’s a funny bonus shot. There is still ductwork in a garbage can sitting from when we moved in three+ years ago. (It’s finally gonna get GONE in that Bagster)

That whole area is so disgustingly dirty and dusty and I just hate it. Today I noticed that tiny little can I’d never seen before teetering on the edge of all that crap. Can you see what it says?

Love & Muchness, Tova

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