The 30 Day Challenge – WHY A THEME?

As I mentioned in my last post, sometimes we just need to kickstart ourselves as the entryway into Finding our Muchness. And that’s pretty much what the 30 Day Challenge is. It’s a way to force yourself out of your rut, if even in the smallest little way, just to let the light shine into your world even a tiny little bit. I KNOW that it’s tough. I KNOW when you are in deep grief or sadness or just plain stumbling through a rough patch, sitting down and thinking about how to tap into that unspeakable ‘thing’ which is your Muchness is just really hard. And sometimes it just needs a kickstart.

“If the Challenge is the start, where do I start the Challenge?”

With a theme. I’ve talked about a theme a lot in this series. First let me say, a Theme is NOT required. And if you do pick a theme, you DON’T have to follow it religiously. It is simply your ‘fall-back’ or your ‘go-to’… it is where your challenge will start, – with something tangible and identifiable. But it is not where your challenge will hopefully end. Hopefully it will end with something meaningful and emotional.

We find our Muchness when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone. When we explore the boundaries we create for ourselves which hold us back from our full potential. But in the big, vast universe of “everything”, finding the initiative and confidence to push and explore our potential is simply overwhelming. Especially when you’re in a dark place. That’s where your theme comes in.

When you pick a theme you are channelling your positive energies into one attainable, enjoyable goal.

My theme was sequined clothing and shoes. You really can’t get more superficial than that. But what happened was an internal shift. One where I made a  minimal commitment to such a narrow area that I quickly met my comfort zone boundaries and then confidently surpassed them. And once I achieved confidence in that one area, it affected other areas of my confidence! I found I was speaking up for myself more. I was sharing my opinions. I was speaking up for others! I was friendlier to strangers. I was doing more creative projects and enjoying my family more. I was laughing more and not worrying about what other people were thinking (negatively) of me. Because I was too busy feeling good about myself to be thinking negatively of them!

And the irony is- before The Muchness, I was making myself invisible, and no-one was thinking negatively about me because no-one was even seeing me. Now, I walk around like a disco queen in the middle of the afternoon. And I’m SURE people are talking about me – some of them negatively – but I don’t care. The ones that give me a dirty look, I give them back a genuine smile. They just need a little Muchness in their lives.

….and once again, this post has lost it’s way from my original intent.

Original Intent= List of theme ideas.
Final Analysis= Keep it simple. Don’t over-think the theme, as it is really just a conduit to the bigger, more rewarding result.

Having said that, please bear in mind the following:
Sequins are awesome and make an awesome theme. Because they are like little lights and what else is better to help you through the dark?!?!

xox, Tova

Love & Muchness, Tova

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