I have a confession

I’ve been in denial. At least “publicly” I’ve been unable to admit that I have lost my muchness. It’s true. It’s why I haven’t posted here. I feel like as the “self proclaimed queen of muchness” I have to be the picture of sunlight and positivity all the time. But this morning I had a moment where the most obvious flaw in my thinking revealed itself. I named this project and ultimately my website “Finding My Muchness.” I didn’t name it “Found my Muchness” because I know that the quest for Muchness, and ultimately living a life that is guided and filled with it is a process. it ebbs and flows. It is the beacon that I use to guide me towards making choices that will create a balanced, happy life for me and my family. And that doesn’t happen overnight. But I am an impatient, fast paced new yorker and I want it to.
Folks. I need to find my muchness. I need to fill my life with it again. And not just the sparky on the outside kind. The other kind. The kind that comes from the inside.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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