I live in a lovely little suburban town. Its nice in terms of community and neighbors and stuff like that, but in terms of art and inspiration, it’s not exactly a “go-to” hotspot.
And then, this little art shop / gallery opened. It’s like a bright little light shining its creative energy onto a traditional suburban main street. I went in to meet the owners. See if this is real or imagined. It’s real. I’m gonna go in there tomorrow and see if he’s interested in displaying some of my teeze handbags. It’ll be so Muchy if i sell a couple of those. They are incredibly awesome bags that have been sitting in my basement since i closed up shop a few years back. And maybe I’ll bring in some Muchness bands. See how they translate at retail… Hmmm exciting stuff!!!!
When I went last week this message was on a blackboard out front. (I never see that in this hood!!) What kind of world will YOU dream today??


Love & Muchness, Tova

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