Went to a wedding last week and there were tons of people wearing sparkle. It was festive and pretty but I quickly realized that not all sparkle is actually Muchness. And by extension, not all Muchness is sparkle.
For example:
This woman is in Touch with the Much.


This skirt, not so much


It’s like I really, really wanna like it. It’s got all the ingredients:
3-4 types of sparkle, various textures, seemingly random placement of sparky Trim. And yet, that skirt depresses me somehow. Takes itself so seriously. Tries soo hard.
Maybe it was the wearer. Maybe on someone with different energy- and a different shirt, I’d think differently. Something to think about.
One more sneaky pic:

This lady looked lovely. The whole dress was a dark blue sequin. But then I got close and realized there was a soft chiffon layer covering the whole entire dress. You can see the halo it creates on her sleeve. It looked pretty but I thought- why would you want to tame the Muchness??

Love & Muchness, Tova

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