PIPERLYNE!!! Our Newest Muchness Challenger!!!

Ive been trying to get Piperlyne to start the challenge almost since Day One. But, ya know, she’s a busy gal! She’s got her own inspiring program going on, Rediscovering Your Light and she is an amazing support for so many of the TTTS moms I know. She Also- her biggest claim to fame (as far as I’m concerned) is the one who posted “I used to be much muchier, I think I’ve lost my Muchness” on her facebook wall…. and started me on this ca-rayzee journey.
I am so excited to see Piper use the power of the written word and inspirational quotes to capture her Muchness over the next 30 days….

In her own words, here’s Piperlyne:

From Too Much To Muchness

What do you do when you find out you are going to be a mom for the first time, just when you had given up the belief you might still get to be a mom at 42, and are single, self employed and not in love with the baby’s father? – Jump up and down for joy and trust that this gift was given to you for a reason. – MUCH

What do you do when you find out that the one baby you are expecting is actually identical twins? – Cry your eyes out in terror and joy and then call your mom to tell her so she can scream and laugh and cry in joy and shock. – TWO MUCH

What do you do when you find out that your miracle babies are identical boys and could possibly be facing a challenge called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)? – Go home and Google it only to become terrified at what it could mean to the beautiful boys you carry. Tell friends and family who are already reeling from the death of one baby in the family. Become stiff with fear as the practical survival instinct kicks in and you learn EVERYTHING you can and start changing things in how you live 5 hours after the possible diagnosis. – too much

What do you do when you are told your babies are officially diagnosed with TTTS and it seems like they are progressing rapidly, knowing that without some type of intervention there is barely a 10% chance that either will survive? – Fly to Houston on two days notice for in utero laser surgery, borrowing money from friends and family, not knowing if the insurance will actually over the cost of the surgery.  Have the surgery and learn 24 hours later that you still have two tiny little heartbeats inside of you and hear the surgeon call the surgery a success. – TOO TWO MUCH

What do you do 3 weeks after the successful surgery and feeling both babies move and kick and hiccup and grow inside of you, your water breaks much too early and you drive yourself to the hospital, the doctors check the babies, they still look good, and put you on a cocktail of drugs to keep the babies safe, promote their lung development and stave off any infection? – You bring your babies’ teddy bears to the hospital to keep them with you at all times.  Visualize healthy babies with a bond of love so strong as to keep everyone safe and growing and spend your 10 days on hospital bed rest hiding from everyone so that you can focus EVERYTHING on the health and wellbeing of your little ones. – too too much

What do you do when you are rushed to the OR for an emergency c-section because one of your babies is in distress with a heart rate dropping to 15 with every contraction and give birth to two tiny, perfect little boys 13 weeks early who are rushed off to the NICU for care? – Give thanks for every single blessing you have been lucky enough to receive. – TWO TWO MUCH

What do you do when after 9 days of life one of your perfect little boys contracts an infection that takes over his body so quickly that he dies less than 36 hours later and then you have to hold a service for him while his brother is fighting in the NICU to grow and thrive? – Go numb, keep breathing, eat sometimes, sleep every so often, cling to the little boy still alive and alone without his brother and cry until there are no more tears only to cry again until you can’t breathe. – so much more than anyone should have to experience

What do you do nine months later with a thriving nine month old beautiful boy who has made it through painful reflux, apnea events at home and a surgery on his skull? – Love, rejoice and celebrate the beautiful life of your surviving son while you honor, remember and sometimes still cry your eyes out over the son you lost.  Know that your one heart has split into three equal hearts, one still in your body, one bursting with joy in your survivor’s body and one torn apart in grief with your angel. Embrace the life you have while you find reason and sense in the whole experience.  Talk to your angel son, sing songs to your survivor about his brother, light candles, tell their story and live.  – FIND MY MUCHNESS

So this is why I am here.  Thank you for reading my story.  Every time someone does, my beautiful boys, angel and survivor, are thought of and loved.  It is my honor to take part in Tova’s project along with building my own www.rediscoveringyourlight.com to help me move from grief and darkness to muchness and light.


Love & Muchness, Tova

7 Replies to “PIPERLYNE!!! Our Newest Muchness Challenger!!!”

  1. Amber and Courtney Post author

    Im so glad you joined. I cant wait to see what you come up with 🙂 You’re a great friend and always will be.

    • Piperlyne Post author

      Amber – I have been loving your pics of you and Courtney. What a great idea!
      And you my dear have a heart of gold.

      • Amber and Courtney Post author

        Courtney and I are having so much fun the past week.
        I wouldnt go as far as saying a heart of gold. Im just trying to put the pieces back together. And because of great friends like you and shannon and Tova I think that i can. 🙂


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