Lessons about flower breeding

So, the life of a babyloss mom. Ya never know when something is gonna happen right out of the blue to totally eff up your day.
I got off the bus happy and content. Walked by the flower shop I pass every day. Today they had a whole bunch of beautiful sunflowers. I decided if they had daisies- the white ones with the yellow centers, I’d get myself a bouquet. they had em.
As the guy was arranging my bouquet I asked what those daisies are called. “actually,” he said, “these are not daisies. They are a mix. Daisies are very weak. They last like, a day, and then they die. So they mix them with a mum. That makes them a lot stronger so they last forever”
I got out of there before the first tear hit my cheek and then cried my way to work.


Love & Muchness, Tova

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  1. Dennel Post author

    Oh Tova, sorry. Doesn’t it feel like a shovel smacks you in the face? What a horrible thing to hear, knowing the special meaning of daisies. Your babies were strong. Your babies were perfect. The placenta is the one to blame. Did I ever tell you that after the placenta killed my babies, it tried to kill me too? I hate placentas! Beautiful flowers!

  2. Tova Post author

    Thanks Dennel.
    a shovel in the face is a good description.
    The idea that it is mixed with a “mum” of all things just got my head spinning round in circles with thoughts… sad thoughts, comforting thoughts, angry thoughts…. Every time I turn it over in my head, my head does something else with it.

  3. Cory

    Ah Tova. I am sorry for your tears. Maybe the “Daisy” being strong and lasting forever because it is mixed with a Mum can be a better metaphor… Those sweet girls and your love for them are like the flowers; it is strong and will last forever.
    Thinking of you.

  4. Sara

    Ugggh. Sorry Tova. I do believe that “mum” is a “mom” in England though, so essentially a daisy + a mum = strength. xoxo

  5. Heather Post author

    Oh Tova I’m so sorry for your sadness today. That is a hard one not to get upset over. stoopid florist…makes minimum wage to put flowers in a vase…what does he know?! ;0) just trying to make you smile dear friend.

    • Tova Post author

      Hey L’via, yeah- I know I just said to you that I like thinking about them in random scenarios, even if they might seem morbid or depressing or disturbing to other people, to me, there’s an element of joy. This was not one such scenario. This scenario sucked.
      But it sucked yesterday.
      And we’re almost at tomorrow. And I’ll be fine. And Daisies are perenials so they may die quickly once they’re cut, but they never go away… coming back year after year…
      I think I need to plant some outside…. just those damn Sunflowers have to be redone every year…. 🙂

  6. Sheri

    Hi Tova-
    Every year I look forward to the daisies popping up around my house. They spread like crazy and I love it. Daisies are wonderful and I think you should plant them with some sunflowers sprinkled in for good measure 🙂


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