Love your body, even if your boobs hit your belly button.

This conversation happened today between myself and two friends on my facebook wall and I knew I needed to share it here so it doesn’t disappear into the oblivion of Facebook. Every woman needs to read Dennel’s words. EVERY WOMAN. Dennel is a home healthcare worker.  I made her words into a graphic. Please share it. On your wall, with your friends, with your friends friends…

Christina: College was when i was my muchiest!

Tova Muchness Gold:  Me too!! I talk about that in my talks at empowerment events.

Christina:  i feel like marriage and kids are muchness thieves. You can be selfish when you are single. It’s really, really hard to feel hot when your daily routine involves wiping someone else’s butt.

Tova Muchness Gold: Do it in heels Christina. And ask Dennel about that. She does that for strangers. In shiny pants. Anything is possible!!

Dennel Link-Pickering: Totally I do. The other day I caught vomit in my hand. Not my vomit. While wearing sequins. All in a days work.  the truth is, Christina, when you’re wiping someone’s butt, it’s all the more important to feel pretty. Gets you though it. If you have a bridesmaid dress hanging in the closet, wear it on your next day at home while you clean the house, do the laundry, take care of Chase. You’ll soon start humming cinderella tunes and twirling. Guarantee it. 

Christina: that’s awesome. i did buy a lot of new clothes over the holidays, bright colors and sequins. i need to get off more weight though.

Dennel Link-Pickering: Ha. That sounds good in theory. Not so easy to do. Truth is, try and lose wait, but love your body as it is in each stage. I would like to lose weight too. Need to start going back to the gym. But I need to feel pretty no matter what size my body. Brooke told me my jiggly belly was gross. I told her that I am proud of that jiggly belly. It grew 6 people in there. Now she asks to jiggle it and tells me she was the first one to live in there. You could be a whole lot fatter. Perk to my job is that I see all sorts of people naked and every body is beautiful. Even when your boobs sag to your waistline. Even after shoulder surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, c sections, etc. bodies tell a story. Every body has been through something, something unique. Your body has grown two beautiful boys. Your body has comforted you through the loss of your baby, through fights with friends, relatives, lovers. Your body has given you pleasure (won’t elaborate on that one ha ha). And your body allows you to get out of bed and wipe that little guys butt. No one has a body exactly like yours. And some would love to have your body, I took care of a woman my age in a wheel chair with a degenerative, fatal disease. Her body couldn’t walk, barely talk, and has difficulty breathing. Kinda outs it into perspective. So. Long winded story, love your body exactly as it is. Show off your curves and love your boobs that haven’t made it to your belly button yet. Love it enough to try to get it in better shape, but love it for the shape it’s in too

Tova Muchness Gold:  Dennel- I love love love this so so much and I am going to make it a graphic and spread it far and wide. I’m like, crying. You’re amazing. And you too Christina!! Xoxox

Dennel Link-Pickering:  thanks, Tova! That would be awesome!


Love & Muchness, Tova

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