Study shows: Muchy shoes = Muchy You!

So often when I wear my Muchy shoes like the ones above, I get compliments from women who then say “I love them…I wish I could wear shoes like that… Mine are just boring.”

Well, according to this study, you can judge 90% of a strangers personal characteristics just by looking at their shoes.  And based on that article,  what they’re actually saying is “I wish I was more outgoing and could form relationships more easily.”  Interesting….

My favorite line in the article
Practical and functional shoes generally belong to agreeable people, ankle boots fit with more aggressive personalities and uncomfortable looking shoes were worn by calm personalities.”

 So, my question: What if the shoes look uncomfortable but are actually quite practical &  functional, and on top of that, happen to be ankle boots?

I present, Exhibit A:

Jeffrey Campbell Brand = Usually Surprisingly comfortable.
Black color + Closed toe= practical + functional = agreeable personality (We both agree these shoes kick ass!)
Ankle Boot = Aggressive personality (…If you don’t agree, I’ll kick your ass!)
Uncomfortable looking = Calm personality (…But I’ll do it while really relaxed)

So, because I have zero qualifications to tell you what to do, (besides a LOOOOVE of statement making shoes) I’m gonna tell you what to do…

Think about the person you wish you saw when you looked in the mirror- the person you KNOW you could be, the person you WANT to be. I’m gonna guess that it’s probably you just happier, more confident, more balanced and basically more in touch with your Muchness. Then think about the shoes that person would wear. Chances are they look just like the shoes you are drawn to and admire but don’t think you could actually wear yourself.
OK. Now,


But wait, I’m not done. I’ll bet you thought I was done. But I’m not. Because next comes the tricky part… ready? OK. Listen carefully….


I know! Scandalous!

Take that tiny leap outside your comfort zone and literally walk in someone else’s shoes. Whose? Yours. Just, ya know, Muchified.

And, for what it’s worth, based on my own experience, I really agree with this article. When I was at a place of complete Muchlessness, my shoes showed it.

I present, My Before-The-Muchness Black Boots- Exhibit B:

I feel like they were boots without a backbone and absolutely no soul (or sole, as the case may be.)

What do you think? Do your shoes accurately reflect your personality? And if so, how would you change that? I’d love to hear— and if your shoes ARE Muchy, post a pic on FB and share it as a #MuchnessMoment! 😀

PS- Wanna see some super Muchtastic shoes? Go Here. Nasty Gal totally kicks ass. 🙂

PPS- Yes- that link is an affiliate link and if you buy anything from that super fantastic site I might make a few cents, but I am only sharing the site because I loooove their shoes (and lots of their clothes) and have tons of stuff from them… and not all of their shoes are super crazy. except these:

Totally super crazy. I agree.

PPPS- yes- that picture is another affiliate link. ha! 😉

Love & Muchness, Tova

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