Teeze. Really? Teeze? Ha. That’s Funny.

Once upon a place, in a time called “My 20’s”  I started a handbag company. Actually, it started as a custom pants company. Custom Leather and Vinyl Pants. And They Were HOT. It was the late 90’s. Trust me. They were hot. Especially in overcrowded nightclubs. I even made a pair for for this guy:

Paul's my friend. He's also Debbie Harry's Friend. She is so cool. And he's pretty hot.

Paul's my friend. He's also Debbie Harry's Friend. She is so cool. And he's pretty hot.

Anyhoooo, I named my company Teeze. Why Teeze? Well, some  of my friends called me T. And the company was mine. T’s. Belonging to me. Get it? …and then I just spelled it cute.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I don’t wanna be all-up in people ‘business’ fitting them for custom pants, so I decided to focus my efforts on handbags. So Teeze Custom Pants became Teeze Accessories & Stuff, Inc. (I added the “Stuff” so I wouldnt pigeonhole myself. Always thinking ahead…)

And ya know what? I was pretty successful for a one woman army. My bags were manufactured in New York and overseas in China, and I sold them all over the world. You can read a bit about it here. (I wish the online version showed the pic that ran in the print addition. Gosh, I looked cute)

But then, after about 6 or 7 years, I decided to let my company be “adopted” by a large handbag company that were gonna help me grow. But, turns out, they were run by a real dumbass and they pretty much screwed me over by default. It was right around that time I met the current Mr. Gold and decided to focus on me instead of my bags.

I got a job, got married, got pregnant, got a house, put all my leftover bags in the basement of said house, and pretty much settled into this new phase of my life.

Until now. Until I got struck by The Muchness bug. Now, I feel like I felt when I was 19 and thought I could change the world with a pair of pants or a handbag.

And then today, I was randomly trolling the internet for sequined shoes (that kind of search can take you to some kooky websites!) and came upon these. I love these shoes.

Those sequins are two sided- changing colors of they’re angled up or angled down! I get it. I can see that these shoes are all kinds of tacky, but I don’t care.  They make me smile, and, with the buckle, closed toe and super high front platform- look like they’d be (relatively) comfortable and (relatively) versatile. But the thing that put me over the top and made me wanna write this post?


oy. I can’t. No really. Check it out. That’s their name.

Maybe it’s a sign.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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    • Tova Post author

      Cory. Wear them to the Library! or the Movies! Anywhere really. Just not a strip club. *That* might not be a great idea. 🙂


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