Things that qualify as Muchness

That’s not a great title for this post. ANYTHING can qualify as Muchness when looked at through your Muchness colored glasses. And sometimes, things become Muchness just because they are the things that are there when you are weak and need a crutch. Whether The Muchness takes the form of Potato Chips or cheezy Soap Operas or the sound of rain overflowing from the rain gutters above the window in your office, which you know is ultimately going to cause damage to your house but just haven’t had the head to deal with… actually, dealing with it would be the Muchness, i suppose.

Anyhoooo, I’ve been thinking about my MAKE THE HOLIDAYS MUCHY Challenge and all the things I’d like to incorporate into it. I decided to make a list.

The first thing on the list is that my sequins that I wear would not qualify. I can post them, cuz I wear them, but unless it is EXTREME sequins, or DIY sequins, it’s not the Muchness for My Challenge. And in general, I haven’t suggested people make a list of ideas for their challenge, but I’m thinking that might not be such bad advice. I don’t need to follow my list, but having some place to write it helps me get excited about the things I hope to complete. This, of course, is my THIRD Muchness Challenge and my THEME is organizing my life and also Sharing The Muchness. I can’t possibly make an organizing plan without a list. See how that works? If I follow 25% of the list for my posts I will be surprised. Maybe.

Some ideas:

  • Muchifying existing clothes that were bought for the express purpose of muchifying.
  • Leaving my office for “lunch” every day. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes to go downstairs, walk outside, pick up a pack of gum and go back inside. I must.
  • Cleaning my office. My Basement. My family room. The kitchen. My closet.
  • Share my glitter project that I’ve been meaning to share forever.
  • Make a serious effort to connect with my real life friends more.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Do you have visions of things you want to include in your 30 Day Challenge? Want to share your theme? Let me know in the comments below!! Wanna participate in the challenge?? It’s EASY! Just Join and start posting!! I’m working on a  tutorial and walk through since the site is ‘heavy’ with features but email me if you’re confused. It’s really nor so confusing. 🙂

Love & Muchness, Tova

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