Sequins For SALE!!! Muchness for YOU!!!

Does This picture make you want a gold sequined skirt?…or Silver? Or Blue?? Or Black???

I took this Muchness pic of the day last week. I found this skirt by Romeo and Juliet Couture at a sample sale and I fell in love. The original retail price was $130! On Bluefly it was $78 but it’s all sold out. But I found it for less than that!!! So I bought it in 4 colors. Unfortunately, they only had 4 colors. If they had it in other colors, well, you know they’d be mine.
But I loved it so much I couldn’t contain myself!! Ya know, I love to share The Muchness!!! I went back the next day, before they ran out of stock, (sample sale- when it’s gone, it’s gone…) and bought more. Like, a bunch more… well, not a WHOLE bunch but more than I alone need. Because I know that finding not tacky and not úber expensive sequins is hard. And these skirts are not tacky. Nor, at this steal of a price, terribly expensive. And I thought I’d see if anyone wants one!! They are so awesomely perfect for the Holidays! They have a nice, casual fit and an elastic waist so you can eat as much Christmas Ham or Chanukkah Latkes as you want and still look Muchtastic!!

And- they’re just $40!!! !!!and I’ll include FREE shipping!!

Note- these run pretty small so order a size up. I didn’t even buy the small since I wear a small and it was snug on me. 

If you want one, just buy it here!! How convenient is that?? I’ve only got one or two in each color / size listed so don’t hold back! When they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Here’s some more pics of the ACTUAL skirt, since, ya know, My Muchness pic of the day isn’t exactly like the Nordstrom’s Website. haha.

Sequin Skirt:
Gold Medium


Silver Medium CLICK TO BUY

Silver Large CLICK TO BUY


Black Large CLICK TO BUY

(More me Muchness Pics)


…..ummmm, wait. Theres something else. I also got leggings there!!!! Shhhh!!! I only have like, 4 pairs!!! Silver or gold!! I haven’t even worn mine yet, but Sarah wore hers!!! (Yes, she saw mine and HAD to have a pair of her own, but of course!) These also run a little small but have a cozy elastic waist and retail online for as much as $125!!! That’s NUTS!!! $35 bucks with FREE shipping and they’re ALL YOURS!!

But don’t hesitate. I have two of each color in each size. 


Sequined Leggings:
Medium Silver CLICK TO BUY
Large Silver CLICK TO BUY
Medium Gold CLICK TO BUY

Love & Muchness, Tova

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