Tova’s Muchness Challenge – Day 20!! – New People

I almost didn’t go for lunch today. Almost. But then, I had to get out and breathe some air. I was feeling kinda down. Just sentimental about the twins and dealing with one of those days that just come and knock you on your ass.

Anyway, I went out and bought myself some baked ziti (comfort food) at the pizza shop and then I sat on a chair in the middle of broadway and perched my food on my lap, debating if I’d eat it there or just check my email and then go back into my office and eat at my desk.

And then, I heard someone call out “would you like to sit here?” and it was a dude at a little table eating his lunch. Hmmm. OK. I joined him and we started chatting. He works in my industry and we had a bunch of stuff to talk about and it was such a nice break in the repetitiveness to just talk to someone new! I am really thinking I need to do that more often… maybe it’s a 30 day challenge theme!!

Well, I wanted to ask him if I could take a picture for my blog but couldn’t muster up the courage so instead I google stalked him when I got home and recreated the scene with a snapshot from google maps and some third rate photoshop work.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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  1. Tine Post author

    OMG Tova…I nearly wet my pants!!!
    This has to be my favorite picture ever that you posted, but it’s close between this and the one of you in the face mask and eye thingymabobs. 🙂 Love ya!!!


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