Tova’s Muchness Challenge – Day 30 – Unexpected Side Effects Of The Muchness

I’ll be honest.
I started this post with a very lofty goal of writing something deep and meaningful about how introducing The Muchness into my family has helped ease a lot of that tension that can sometimes build up below the surface of a marriage and the responsibility of raising kids.
But it was getting wordy . Imagine that.
Frankly, it’s just something I have been paying attention to lately. (Something I plan to talk about on‘s radio show- Booyah!) How so many of our fun family moments might never exist if not for The Muchness??
Today we went to the park. In the car there the four of us were belting that “This is not a drive-by” song. Even Liat pipes in with the by-ay-ay-ay-ay – so cute. It was totally fun and kookoo and awesome. TOTAL side effect of The Muchness.
We played at the park and then Molly asked if she could get ices.
Against all the sanity and logic in the world, we bought them EACH these huge firecracker ice pops that were, without a doubt, the most mess-likely option in the cart.
We sat with our 400 napkins in the sun on the grass, and bathed in the sticky, rainbow, disgusting drippies that poured out of the bottom of these ices onto all three of us.

This didn’t stress me out. This didn’t annoy me. This mess of gooey disgustingness… it very well should have not made me happy. You can see by the way I’m holding my hands that I seriously didn’t want to touch anything, But Liats hand- The one on my knee, that was like, coated in liquid sugar.
But I was happy. I was relaxed. I was laughing and making up songs about the baths we were all gonna have to take when we got home.
It works. Tap into it.
Love & Muchness!!

Love & Muchness, Tova

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