Trying to instill in my kids the idea of looking on the bright side. Today I had a challenging day… left late to get the girls at dismissal and had to stop for gas. Overpriced station, banged my door on a pole getting out, dropped my wallet, broken display made it impossible to read and then- to top it off, I stepped in the hugest, stickiest, nastiest piece of gum ever. It stretched for 10 feet before I rubbed it off my shoe but it was still super sticky. Went to wipe it in a dirt patch and found there, looking up at me, this dude, heads up. Decided to let him shift my perspective and see the bright side in my day, then miraculously got to school on time for pickup. Told the girls the story and they loved it. Gonna make the penny into a magnet to keep as a reminder in the fridge to look on the bright side, even when life doesn’t seem to be going your way.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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