Finding Your Muchness around Mother’s Day can be especially hard. I’ve teamed up with
Psychologist and loss mom Dr. Julie Bindeman to help make this time of year much Muchier!

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About Tova Gold


Finding My Muchness is a positivity project started by me, Tova Gold, as part of my healing journey after the loss of my identical twin daughters at 23.5 weeks gestation in September 2009.

The Muchness Mission is to help women who’ve lost their light, find it.
To love them back to who they were when they loved themselves.
To help them reconnect to their joy and identity after grief or trauma.
To help them see the blessings in their every day so they bring laughter and color into their lives. 
And to fill the world with sparkle.


“I believe that our deepest grief can introduce us to our capacity to experience our greatest joy, and I believe in the power of sequins.”

About Dr. Julie B.


Dr. Julie B. is a licensed psychologist and the Co-Director of
Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington.
After experiencing an early miscarriage she went on to have two second trimester losses–the result of a heartbreaking choice. Her personal experience with loss guided her professional journey down the road of a specialization in reproductive health, where she works with women, men, and couples, helping them heal from a life cycle reversal. Dr. Julie writes about pregnancy loss, infertility, and perinatal mood disorders for a variety of blogs. She has the “been there done that” experience coupled with the professional training that makes her accessible to those that said goodbye all too soon.

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SORRY. This event is now closed.

To learn more about our Muchness After Babyloss program, please visit us here.


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Inspiration, Journal Exercises & Meaningful DIYs, all packed into a beautiful book designed to help you Find Your Muchness!

Everyone Has Muchness. Let’s find yours.


                                               In the Movie Alice In Wonderland, the Mad Hatter says to Alice “You used to be much muchier, you’ve lost your Muchness” and Alice embarks on a journey to find her Muchness.

Much like Alice, I too had lost my Muchness and I went on a journey to find mine. Now, I’ve created this book to help you find your inner Muchness!

When I first heard the word Muchness, I could completely relate to it. Years of living below my potential, sidelining my dreams, allowing others to define my level of self-confidence had left me feeling like an empty shell of the woman I was meant to be. But with a young family, a demanding full-time job, never enough time in the day or money in the bank, I just felt trapped in the cycle that I’d created for myself. Then, in September, 2009, I hit my lowest low following the death of my identical twin girls who were stillborn at 24 weeks. Whatever Muchness had been holding on inside me seemed to die with them. It was within the darkness of my grief that I began to look for the light. Grabbing onto the little moments of joy, creativity and sparkle helped me light the way back to myself; to who I was always supposed to be. I made the decision to Find My Muchness.

Early on in this journey I had the idea for a Muchness Workbook. It came together beautifully in my mind when I lay in bed at night but when I sat down to write and create it, it never seemed to materialize. My creative thoughts just seemed to crumble to ashes in the light of day. After years of collecting the ideas in a notebook, one day, it finally hit me! I HATE WORKBOOKS! Just the idea of sitting down and giving yourself EXTRA work to do felt so much like a burden to me- it’s no wonder I couldn’t find the inspiration to create it! I wanted my book to be FUN! I wanted it to be relaxing, empowering and joyful! A place to go to give your spirits a lift, to make you laugh or help you engage a different side of your brain and feel accomplished.

So that is what I created. A Finding Your Muchness FUNBOOK! Like, Duh.

After successfully funding the first edition print via Kickstarter, and surpassing our goal a whopping 237%!!!!, I’m so proud to offer you the book directly! 



What’s inside?

This full-color, gloss finished book with a magazine style layout is filled with creative exercises, DIY craftables, games, inspirational stories and engaging contributor insight.

It is totally unique and beautifully designed to help you look inside and see the beauty and Muchness that lives inside you, while also looking outside and seeing the beauty and little Muchness Moments that surround you every day!

You’re gonna need some scissors and glue, + a couple of crayons because this is a book you will rip apart, cut to pieces, journal in, doodle in, and make yourself some very useful little gifts. It is an incredible gift for yourself or anyone of any age who could use a little Muchness in their lives. (And really, who COULDNT use a little Muchness in their lives?!?! 🙂 )

It’s even got a board game. For real.

Contributors Corner!

I have reached out to some amazing women I know who are not only “In Touch With THE MUCH” but also professional coaches, teachers or therapists. They’ve all shared a bit of what they know and created beautiful exercises to help you tap into your Muchness!

Who is it for?

The book isn’t just designed for people who’ve had monumental losses. It’s for anyone who’s lost their Muchness, or for anyone who simply wants to celebrate the Muchness they’ve got! It’s good for your daughter or your mom, your BFF, your kids teacher, or your teachers kid! 😉

And because I truly do value and appreciate all the support, Every single order will get a reminder to CHOOSE MUCHNESS Every Singe Day- a Today I Choose Postcard to leave on your fridge or wall or computer screen to remind you to CHOOSE MUCHNESS!
PS- It’s gonna have a handwritten “Thank You” from me on the back. That’s just the way I roll. 🙂



A personal note from Tova

I’m so filled with gratitude to everyone who has supported me on my Muchness Journey- whether through encouraging emails, sparkly picture tags or by purchasing any of the Muchness products I’ve created. Your support means the world to me. I know this book is going to brighten your day and help you tap into your Muchness.

xox, Tova

Because everybody has Muchness.


Let’s find yours.



Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.57.37 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 6.55.49 PM
Join me and the hubster in the kitchen and learn how to Find your Muchness from the inside out!

This exciting program is almost ready and I can’t wait to share it with you!!

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The ORIGINAL, Limited Edition Tighty WhiTeeze Bag! 


Many years ago I started a company called Teeze Accessories & Stuff, Inc. It was my dream and it was amazing. I’ve had some leftover inventory that I haven’t wanted to part with because these bags remind me of what I can achieve when I set my mind to it. But I also know that Muchness is best when it’s shared so I’ve set aside a few for sale this holiday season. Because they’re awesome. 🙂

• Soft leather body with watermelon red satin lining. 
• Zip top. 
• Inside zippered pocket
• Shoulder Strap can be hidden inside
and bag worn as a clutch.
• Measures about 12″ x 6″ x 1″

Originally $98
Then Just $47!

Holiday Special! Just $27!

Tighty Whiteeze      &      Baby Got Black

Quantities are very limited and I plan to hold on to a few
so please don’t wait to order- Plus I want to get it to you before the holidays!!!
At $27, it’s priced lower than what it ever sold for in stores or online!

***Please note: These links will take you to a secure Paypal checkout page.
You DO NOT need a paypal account to purchase, just click the button to pay by credit card.  

 Hiya! Tova Here!

I designed this bag as part of my Teeze Accessories collection a few years back. It has been featured on HGTV’s Color Splash and was used as inspiration for the artwork that David Bromstad painted for me. 

Thank You for letting me share The Muchness with you!
xox, Tova 

…just for fun, here’s a write up about my company, Teeze, from Entrepreneur Magazine.


whats-Muchness Muchness is the energy, the life, the spark of positivity that fuels our days, our imaginations, our confidence. I want to help you reconnect to your Muchness. To learn more and hear my story, keep reading.

Kids are filled with Muchness. Their desire to see and learn and know and experience is something to be envied. As adults we often lose our Muchness. The day to day routines that can drag us down, the disappointments that sometimes seem like they’ll never end… we don’t take the time to see the positivity. We forget to be inspired.

Why are you here?
You’ve clicked on this page because you’re looking for something.

Healing? Did you endure a terrible loss and you’re trying to find a way to make sense of it?
Maybe you feel like you are living on auto-pilot, completely disconnected from your purpose, waiting for something to happen before you start living fully?
Or are you just feeling overwhelmed? Your confidence is shot, you second guess yourself constantly, you don’t say what you feel, or even know what you feel and the self-defeating voices in your head are too loud to ignore?
It’s also possible that you just love the idea of filling your world with color and sparkle as a tool to tap into the light and joy inside you.

Maybe it’s all of those.

Well, the good news is, I think I can help you.
The bad news? I have no idea what I’m talking about.

I’m not a coach or a psychologist or a hypnotist or a healer. And I don’t claim to be. I am just a woman on a journey with you, who has stumbled upon some tools and insight (and sparkles) that have made my life happier. And my motivation for sharing what I’ve learned  is entirely selfish. I get tremendous amounts of joy from watching others find their own Muchness.
I like to say The Muchness is my Muchness.

The fact is, I was just like you, living a Muchless life. I’d lie in bed at night and wonder where the vibrant, confident young girl I used to be had disappeared to. I didn’t know if it was a result of moving to the suburbs, having kids, putting on weight, not sleeping enough, not eating right, that damned commute to my day job, that damned day job… what had happened that had knocked the fire out of my belly?

Sadly, I told myself that maybe when my kids got older, or when I had more money or when I lost ten pounds that part of me would find time to shine again. I say sadly because the fact is, we should never procrastinate feeling good about ourselves, especially when there are children learning to treat themselves the way they see their mother treat herself. And sadly because that damaged thinking negated all the beauty and joy that I was blessed with at that very minute – a healthy daughter, an amazing husband, a nice home – a beautiful life that we were building together.

How sad is that?

And then, in September 2009, I lost my twins. Six months into my pregnancy my identical twin girls were taken from me by Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. (TTTS)

And I sank into darkness.

Sometimes, you get so low that the only way out is up.

Finding My Muchness is my journey back up. It is my journey to rediscover “me” and the things that ignite me as a woman, as an artist, as an entrepreneur. My confidence was shattered and I had no clarity on what I wanted my life as an individual to be about. When I started being able to answer those questions, I also became a better mom and wife.

After Sunshine & Daisy died I truly felt as though beneath my skin, my insides were black. What I found was that by literally turning to light- sparkle, shine, color & creativity I was able to open a box inside me which revealed just a little bit of my internal light. It hadn’t been extinguished, it was just hiding. The more I engaged in things which fed that light, the more the box opened and the more light was revealed.

I want to help you find that which ignites you. I want to help you connect with what makes you feel alive and present. I want to let you know that you are not alone, and that the tools to get where you want to be exist. They are inside you. You need to know that. It’s simply your responsibility to identify and feed them, even if it is in teeny tiny itty little bits.

Remember, this is about the journey. I’m on it with you and believe me, not every day is gumdrops and sequins, and it certainly is not a straight path. Some days suck. They are hard, annoying, grief filled, tense and sad. But I was able to create a habit of seeing the light and joy to get me through the darker days. I am grateful for that and want to help you do the same.

Join me as we figure this thing out together.

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