Wardrobe Malfunction

Ya know how, as women, we have relationships with certain items in our closet? We all have the jeans we can always rely on to make our asses look good, the top that is the perfect color to make us look well rested, the old sweatshirt that should have seen the garbage pail many decades ago but is the ONLY garment on the planet that feels as cozy for curling up on the couch (with a cup of spiked tea) to watch a lame movie.
Today, the weather was supposed to be great and I was feeling… I dont know, sexy? muchy? Not bloated? Anyway, I decided to wear a dress I almost never wear. It’s a dress that is reserved for days when I’m really in the mood to “dress”, because I know this dress. It’s short. It’s tight. It’s a little aggressive for day wear. But I wear it with a smile (and leggings, and a shirt underneath, and a jacket on top) to soften it’s hard edges.
But today, my dress turned on me. Turned everything I know and expect from it and Changed the rules.
Because someone put this dress in the dryer. And let me tell you. It’s a good thing I was wearing those leggings.
Ya know what’s not muchy? Doing that awkward thing where you have to yank your skirt down every time you stand up. I hope I never find myself having one of those days again.

See that??? My skirt is as long as my (awesomely MUCHTASTIC) sequin jacket… I feel like this dress is like a “real housewife”…. I thought it was my friend, but really it was plotting with the dryer against me this whole time…)

Love & Muchness, Tova

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