You can fly to the moon on your talents too.

“Why do you think you’re qualified to ‘teach’ people how to grieve? A lot of people have gone through loss. What makes you think you have anything special to share?”

Many years ago, when I first shared with my mom that I felt called to help women find their way through grief… with sequins… that was her response.

My mom, my entire life, told me that I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to. She told me I could fly to the moon on my talents. She told me I could start and run a business that would make bajjilions. She is the one who encouraged me to start my own handbag business at the tender age of 21. And she told me top think BIG! “It takes just as much effort to make 10 bags as it does to make 10,000” she’d say, completely overlooking the fact that it takes a lot more effort to SELL 10,000 bags.

But that was fine- because with her (not so) blind optimism and encouragement, I believed whole-heartedly that I could absolutely do it.

When I was a teenager and painted disturbing horror-ish characters, life-sized, crawling out of graves on my bedroom wall, she brought her friends up to my room to brag about my talents.

And it wasn’t only me. When my older sister – the book-smart brainy one- was thinking about going to nursing school, my mom said HELL NO. You are going to medical school. And she did. A really prestigious one. On a full scholarship where she received her MD. and her Ph.D. Now she is a pediatric cardiologist who helps fix babies hearts.

So when my mom, for the first time in my life, questioned my ability to do what I felt I was being drawn to do, it stopped me in my tracks. It made me question myself and what the hell I thought I was doing with this Muchness thing.

Sure, if it was just about creativity and clothes, I was more than qualified, but maybe if it was about the deeper stuff, the stuff that sits in darker places, I wasn’t exactly equipped for the job. It derailed me from this goal for over a year.

But another thing she taught me is that if I’m meant to do something, I will.

I met Dr. Julie, and together we’ve been creating this Muchness After Babyloss 8-week program. Because now, the time is right.

To kick off the launch, we created a 7 day  mini-challenge, to help loss moms get to know us and what we stand for. That program is now in progress.

The feedback, response, is incredible.

Being witness to the opening up among the 650+ participants is so reaffirming.

Comments from participants like these amaze me:

“I feel like this is helping to get me unstuck. My therapy sessions do not seem to be as productive the last 6 months as you have been in three days.”

“The challenges have been tough, but yesterday, for a brief moment, I felt more like myself than I had since my first miscarriage.”

“This challenge/group has made it easier to get out of bed today. Thank you for this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

“This program is already helping me tremendously! I was leery at first. Thanks for all the love”

…they make me know I am on the right path. And my mom was right. I can fly to the moon on my talents… I just didn’t even know till now what some of those talents are. I too am discovering my Muchness, more and more every day.

If you are feeling called to go deeper into your healing journey after loss, we (Dr. Julie and I) hope you’ll consider Muchness After Babyloss.

There is light and life and joy and purpose after loss. We want to help you find it.

We are hosting a free confrence call this evening where you will get to hear from myself and Dr. Julie and ask any questions you may have about the 7 day free challenge or the 8 week course which starts May 18.

Want to find out more? Comment below or register to get call information emailed to you.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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