I’m trying to think of what to write to introduce Ellen, and, well, I don’t know where to start. I don’t know Ellen in real life. (Not yet anyway.) And yet- I love her. (awwwww) She’s funny and she’s a wise-ass and she’s strong and opinionated, and she really cares about the people she cares about. I mean REALLY cares. All her sarcasm and wit and wise-ass-ness are hangin out right next to this big fat heart of gold.
…Ya know what? That might be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written. Ever. But I’m keepin’ it. Because I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to find the right words to describe this girl, and pretty much- that’s it. That’s all I got. I call ’em like I see ’em.

Heeeeeere’s Ellen!

Hi. I’m Ellen. I’m 34, married, and have two kids. I am what some people might call easily amused, because get a lot of enjoyment out of little things. Buying something on sale, seeing my kids do neat things, growing a flower or a vegetable myself, eating something delicious, hearing a dirty joke, getting gifts from people, you name it. I love meeting different people, and since I work in healthcare, I get to do that a lot. I became involved in this challenge after meeting Tova, who like me, experienced devastating prenatal loss. We lost our daughter Kylie in 2006. It forever changed me in that I find even more joy in the little things, because sometimes the big things are just too unpredictable. It also lowered my tolerance for bullshit to nil and increased my smartass attitude (see photo), but also really increased my compassion for others. I think that’s why I love the concept of this challenge- because it is about the here and now and looking around you and into you. I really look forward to doing this every day! So far it’s actually been harder than I thought!

Love & Muchness, Tova

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  1. Tine

    Gooooo Ellen! I love the smart ass, wise ass, and zero tolerance for bullshit you have! You’re my hero!!! Can’t wait to read more from you!


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