Valentines Day Muchness!

It’s Valentine’s Day!!

Last year, when Valentine’s Day rolled around, I didn’t really pay much attention. Ya know why? Because I didn’t really care. We’re not big into that stuff in our house so it never really seemed important. But then, Molly came home from school with a bag full of Valentines treats from the other kids and I felt like the biggest loser of a mom ever. So this year, when they announced the Valentines Day dance I’d like to tell you I ran out and picked the perfect little gifts and planned a whole special thing. But I didn’t. I pretty much ignored it.

But today, as I was getting ready to pick up the girls from Daycare I started to feel bad. So I looped the car around, ran into CVS and grabbed some pink stuff.

After Elie came home, I instructed him to give Liat a bath so she wouldn’t try to grab at everything and Me and Molly got to work.

We cut the stickers into strips:


Molly carefully selected the correct number and color of kisses:


Then she started signing the name tags I made (which are really extra pieces of Muchness Band Wish Strip Book covers)


After writing her name 10 or 12 times, she started to get creative with it! See the smiles on each letter? Love this girl!!


Every kid got an eraser:


and it all went into little treat bags I just happened to have in the basement with my craft stuff. Doesn’t everyone have those little baggies just hanging around??



Then, after Molly was in bed I remembered I have these little clips that were practically free because they were all broken:


1 glue gun and 5 minutes later:

The Muchiest Valentines Day packets EVER!!!

Are You Doing anything extra Muchtastic for Valentines Day??

Love & Muchness, Tova

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