BTM vs. ATM- Rainy Day Rain Boots

So, this isn’t a True BTM vs. ATM because both pictures were taken today, but it is demonstrative of the BTM vs. ATM idea.
(For those of you not in the know BTM= Before The Muchness, vs. ATM=After The Muchness. …work with me people)

I thought when I bought these rainboots that the cheerful turquoise color would perk up rainy days. But, I was wrong.

BTM... I'll bet you thought this was the ATM, right?


But, they are very flat and I feel like I klunk around really goofily when I wear them.

So today, on this dreary rainy tuesday, I dug deeeeep into my sock drawer and found a pair of brand new, unopened socks that have been hanging out at the bottom of the drawer since sometime in 2005. They were waiting for me. Waiting until I found my Muchness…

ATM! ...and waiting until flourescent pink came back in style yet again.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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